Woman after 40 years old

Middle age crisis

Middle age crisis, оказывается, бывает и у женщин. Если у мужчин "потрясения" происходят в основном в сознании, то у прекрасных дам все начинается с фигуры. После 40 лет почти всем приходится ломать голову, что бы такое надеть, чтобы здесь - подтянуть, там - утянуть. Причем такое происходит даже с теми, кто всю молодость был верен здоровому образу жизни, много бывал на воздухе, ходил в бассейн и правильно питался. Не стоит отчаиваться и рвать на себе волосы с криками, что все усилия были тщетны. На помощь снова придет фитнес. Только программу свою нужно будет строить уже по-новому.

After 40 years, almost all gain superfluous kilograms. Even if the scales do not show a significant increase, the silhouette changes, and the clothes begin to sit, to put it mildly, "wrong". What is the reason for this? In the redistribution of weight and changes in forms? Studies have shown that middle-aged women lose from a third to half of the total muscle mass. Metabolism with age naturally slows down, the total fat content in the body increases, and low mobility only spurs these processes. So, for 10 years you can easily recover to 2 sizes. And all because the muscles "dry up" and, therefore, become less voluminous than fat. The fewer muscles, the lower the calorie consumption, and all the "incoming" calories quickly turn into the same fat. Because of this, sometimes the weight can remain stable, and the volumes - grow. Such is the female nature. What can we oppose to it?

Dispersal metabolism and reduce kartizol

Lifestyle is not the most important factor determining the age-related weight gain. When a career requires complete dedication, free time is spent not on exercise equipment and bike trips, but on passive rest on the couch. Another reason for the "sluggishness" that has appeared is that children have grown up, they do not need to run after fidgeting or drag a heavy stroller. On the other hand, over time, new worries and new stresses arise: caring for parents, trying to save money to help grown up children, and so on.

Regardless of what causes stress, it always has a detrimental effect on the body. The level of "anxious" hormone of cortisol grows, and after it "fat" cells actively "multiply". By the way, a powerful release of cortisol is sometimes provoked even by the most banal lack of sleep due to overtime hours of work or a tumultuous nightlife.

How to break the vicious circle? It is necessary to tune in the first place to acquire a healthy lifestyle, and not to weight loss. Fortunately, practice shows that the second usually follows the first.

The most harmful fat

It is proved that "young girls tend to" postpone "fat on the buttocks and thighs, but as they grow older, the ovaries produce less estrogen, and the weight begins to grow because of" accumulation "in the abdominal area.This fat completely envelops the abdominal cavity organs, and not only under the skin, high cholesterol can also provoke surpluses of "deep" fats, you will notice their presence on clothes that begin to sit tightly.You can, of course, give up and simply buy jeans larger than the size.The problem is that this is a probleme only appearance. Visceral fat is associated with increased blood pressure, heart diseases, the development of diabetes, and often with the emergence of malignant tumors.

Cardi from the belly

It is enough to arrange 5 times a week 45-minute cardio-occupations, and within a year the internal fat will be almost completely destroyed. Cardio is any load that makes the heart pound faster (intense walking, biking, swimming or dancing). There is also "complicated" aerobics - a very effective thing, but in large quantities it is tedious. Arrange 7-10 minutes of intensive training: sprints or fast climbing on the stairs, as well as a visit to the class of step aerobics, will work. All such "grimaces and jumps" protect you from osteoporosis. This disease is diagnosed in a third of premenopausal women, and at a later age, it causes fractures and serious injuries. If you are afraid that high-intensity exercises will harm the bone tissue, choose a sparing program. For example, walking on rough terrain is very useful. It can be imitated by slightly increasing the slope of the treadmill. You can also walk in a special vest, in the pockets of which slightly weighted plates are put. In this case, the burden is on the body, and not on the legs-hands, so that the joints of the wrists and ankles will be safe.

We will remelt the fat in the muscles

Cardio is only one of the components of the program to overcome the "fatty crisis" of middle age. Another important component is strength training. You should practice them about 3 times a week, do not exercise every day. The latest research in sports medicine has shown that to achieve the result, it is enough to do 10-15 repetitions of each exercise in one approach. In this case, the burden can be small. You can, however, tighten the muscles, using the reverse tactics: do less repetitions, but with more weight. In this case, it is better to do two approaches from 6-8 repetitions with such a burden, so that by the end of the second approach you have already been tired. As a result, you, first, will achieve greater endurance, secondly, build up muscle mass, which will improve your metabolism and help burn excess fat, And, thirdly, strengthen the joints.

At first, workouts may seem difficult to you, but you have to sweat to feel vigorous and full of strength in the future, unlike peers suffering from pressure changes, joint pains and migraines. And do not be afraid of strength training: the figure of "bodybuilders" and biceps, as in Schwarzenegger, you are unlikely to "pump up."

According to WHO, excess weight and sedentary lifestyle are considered the cause of 1/3 of all cases of malignant diseases of the breast, intestines, uterus, as well as ovarian and pancreatic cancer.