What is the most effective diet?

Which diet is the best and suits me

What is the best diet suits meWhich diet is the most effective and easy? Women are lost in conjecture, scanning dozens of different diets. Many of them cause an easy state of shock. For example, a wine diet or cheese. After all, alcohol is extremely harmful to the body in any quantity and can not in any way contribute to weight loss, as it is caloric in itself. And cheese is a product of animal origin also very high-calorie. Of course, you can eat low-fat cheeses, for example, brynza or suluguni. But how will our organism take it? After all, he needs not only calcium, which is rich in cheese, but also in a dozen other vitamins and trace elements.

So what is the best diet for me? The one that is safe, which allows you to lose those extra pounds without experiencing a hungry depression and a breakdown. There are many more than low-calorie diets. For example, chocolate, which allegedly lost weight after birth, singer Alsu. How much this is true is unknown. But it is known that one tile of dark chocolate a day, even if it is very tasty, will not suffice to be full. If you and stretch thus a couple of days, then the third will lose control over yourself and start eating everything. This is a normal physiological response of the body to such restrictions in the diet. You will unconsciously try to fill everything in the previous days. And overeating will provoke even more weight gain. Remember, the daily calorie intake should not be less than 1000-1200 kcal. It is this amount of energy that is necessary for existence in conditions of low physical exertion. Even if you spend whole days at a computer, for example, calories are expended on everything, on all processes in the body. Calories are necessary for us to breathe, calories are consumed during sleep, conversation, etc. Do not think that with a sedentary lifestyle you can hardly eat without the attacks of hunger, irritable in this regard, mood and low working capacity.

Caloric content should be reduced, but rather not by limiting the amount of food (although often it can not do without), but by changing the diet. Dieticians often hear from their patients that they eat a little, but for some reason they can not lose weight. Of course, the case may be in low physical activity. But this is secondary. For sure, the diet of these women consists for the most part of bakery products and fast food. Not many people have enough time and energy to cook their meals from work in the evening. And someone is simply ashamed to wear lunch for work. It turns out, they harm themselves. But any effective diet excludes the use of sweet, flour, roast and smoked. Look at the photos of Americans, among them a huge number of fat people. And let these photos become for you a motivation to change the diet and lose weight. Accustomed to eating hamburgers, sandwiches and other fast food, US residents are becoming so. And you can easily become this if you do not stop eating these harmful foods.

Another evil that needs to be rid of your food and drink is sugar. Do not add it to tea, coffee, cocoa, etc. Note that sugar is contained in many carbonated drinks, lemonades. If you see on the label of such a drink the inscription that it is low-calorie, it means only that instead of sugar, a substitute is added to it. He can not bring a big figure to the figure, but he can very well. Experiments on animals have shown that the sugar substitute used in large quantities can provoke oncological diseases. So, it's up to you.

How do I know which diet suits me? Many progressive nutritionists will ask you to donate blood to understand what foods you have well digested, and which contribute to the appearance of fatty deposits. Such products can not only be referred to above. For example, some people poorly digest milk and it can become one of the reasons for failures in losing weight. The doctor will tell you the foods recommended for use, recommended in limited quantities and prohibited.

If there is no time and money to visit a nutritionist, while weight has long exceeded the scope of the allowed, you can contact the endocrinologist. The doctor will ask you to take tests for hormones, check your thyroid gland. And if serious diseases are not found, will calculate for you the caloric content of the daily diet, the best for weight loss, talk about products that promote weight gain, the diet (eat 5 times a day) and drink. If there is a significant excess of weight, a medication for weight loss may be prescribed (not a biologically active supplement!).

Remember that only medical diets are safe. For example, a diet with gastritis or atherosclerosis. Yet praised protein diets, carbohydrate, orange, liquid and others for safety have not been tested. They can only be observed at their own peril and risk.