What diet will help to cope with cellulite?

effective diet from celluliteTo choose an anti-cellulite diet for yourself, first of all, you need to find out - what is cellulite? After all, to defeat the enemy - you need to know it in person, do not you? What is cellulite? Cellulite is the most common fat that is distributed unevenly in the body and is placed in the free space between the muscles. Outside, we see such a picture - the surface of the skin becomes like a peel of an orange. This is not a very pleasant sight, and we will say softly, not at all aesthetic, so we need to fight cellulite. It is a fact.

What causes the appearance of this cellulite in the body?

First of all, slags, bile deficiency and fluid retention. This leads to improper nutrition, the use of artificial products and improper drinking regimen. To this is added a sedentary lifestyle, a weakening of the muscles and not supporting the skin in tone. Based on this, it can be understood that in addition to dieting, physical exercises and massage of those places where an "orange peel" is found are necessary. Most often, hips, buttocks and sides are affected. For a proper anti-cellulite diet, you need the right diet. Bile, as we know, splits and dissolves fats in the body. If this does not happen, you have cellulite, which means that when you eat, you do not have enough bile. Therefore, eliminating the problem of deficiency of bile - we can cope with fatty deposits. Also in the task of anti-cellulite diet is: the removal of toxins from the body, toxins and the normalization of the balance between water and salt in the body. In addition, you need to reduce the number of calories, so that the body began to spend its internal energy and got rid of cellulite fat deposits. What foods should be included in the diet of anti-cellulite diet? First, those that contribute to bile secretion: black radish, dog rose, grapefruit, peppermint infusion, tansy, barberry, chicory, celandine. In order to normalize the balance between water and salt in the body, it is necessary to observe a certain drinking regimen, to minimize the use of salt and those products that trap the liquid in the body: caffeine and alcoholic. To make it easier to remove toxins, you must avoid fatty foods, flour products, including bread and chocolate. To get a positive result in the diet, you must include:

  1. Fruits, dried fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains - all this gives fiber to the body.
  2. Fish, meat, eggs and dairy products in limited quantities give a low-fat protein.
  3. Vegetable oils, seeds and nuts - fill the body with useful fats.
  4. Water should be clean without gas - it will wash away the slag from the body.
  5. Drinks can be consumed only herbal teas, infusions, compotes and juices without sugar.

By creating an individual diet of an anti-cellulite diet, you will have to completely eliminate such products:

  • Fatty meat and any fats of animal origin.
  • Sausage products (both boiled and smoked).
  • Fried dishes.
  • Fatty dairy products (whole raw milk, cream, homemade sour cream and fatty cottage cheese).
  • Semi-finished products and any kinds of canned food.
  • Coffee, tea (black and green), chocolate - everything that contains caffeine.
  • Alcohol.
  • Sugar.
  • All kinds of flour products.
  • Margarine.
  • Artificial additives and condiments in the form of broth cubes.
  • Home marinades and pickles.

All these products heavily load the liver and kidneys, which begin to function poorly in the body, which leads to the formation of an "orange peel" - cellulite.

By eliminating these products, making up an individual diet, starting every day to engage in fitness or do morning exercises, after attending at least ten massage sessions - in a couple of months you will not recognize your body. Cellulite will disappear, and your figure will acquire classical forms.