How to make ginger tea

Recipes how to properly prepare ginger tea

How to properly prepare ginger tea for weight lossHow to prepare ginger tea in detail describe the fans of alternative methods of weight loss. There are several ways to brew a drink: in a faience kettle, a glass teapot, a French press, a saucepan or an ordinary mug. Each of them is effective in its own way. The main thing is to make ginger tea according to the recipe. Do not experiment and take more (fewer) ingredients because this will affect his taste.

Main recipes

In Central Asia, ginger tea with a quince is prepared. Due to the diuretic effect, the fruits of quince contribute to the rapid disposal of excess fluid in the body. Therefore, the drink will be appreciated by those who are prone to puffiness. The recipe is simple: the fruit of quince and 6 cm of purified root ginger tinder on a fine grater. Add 3 g of green tea of ​​any kind. Lay the mixture in a faience kettle. Fill with warm water (the temperature should not be above 55-60 degrees). Insist for 30 minutes. Take in lunch or after dinner.

Chinese housewives recommend preparing ginger tea for slimming at home as follows: ginger root, pre-cleaned, cut into small cubes, add white tea, lime juice and a few sprigs of mint. Pour water at room temperature. Let it brew and take several times a day, arranging tea breaks between the main meals.

Japanese popular recipe how to properly prepare ginger tea is very effective for losing weight, provided that the exact proportions of each ingredient are observed. It is necessary to take 7 cm of ginger root, beat it with boiling water and rub it to a mushy condition. Add the puree from a single fruit of ripe quince, two tangerines and lemon. The resulting mixture is placed in a saucepan. Pour 300 ml of pre-brewed green tea. Insist 7 minutes. Strain and pour into a glass vessel. Drink 150 ml of the drink no more than twice a day.

Italian top models recommend the use of fermented tea buds to make ginger tea for weight loss, which are revealed as a flower. To do this, take 3 grams of red elite tea, pour 400 ml of water (the temperature of which should not be hotter than 90 degrees) and let it brew for 2.5 minutes. In the meantime, you need to clean 6 cm of ginger root, rub in a blender and add to the teapot. Drink in unlimited quantities. You can pour water several times.

At the heart of the Russian recipe are three ingredients: Georgian black tea, fresh fruits of viburnum and peeled ginger root. Take 5 g of tea, 15 berries of viburnum and 4 cm of root. Berries and root are placed in a blender, grind to a homogeneous state. Add to tea in a glass teapot. Pour 250 ml of boiling water. Insist 5 minutes. Drink with the addition of a small amount of buckwheat honey.

American fans of a healthy way of life prepare mint tea with ginger. A bunch of fresh mint and 3 cm of prepared ginger root are finely chopped, laid in a French press, poured with lukewarm water, insisted for about 7-8 minutes. Drink before each training in the gym or after dinner.

Also popular is ginger lemonade for weight loss. To make it, take 10 cm ginger, 3 lemons and 4 limes. Clear all ingredients from the peel, pass through a meat grinder or rub in a blender. Pour 3 liters of warm water. Infuse for 10 minutes. Drink in unlimited quantities. If desired, add sugar substitute or honey. In order to quickly lose weight and not return to the lost weight, one tea will be small. You need to go in for sports, get enough sleep and stick to a healthy diet.

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