French diet for weight loss

French dietFrance ... Country of hot love, affectionate sun and expensive wine. Here live the most beautiful women, whose slim bodies are envied by many. It was in France that one of the best diets of beauty and health, a thin waist and beautiful skin appeared - the French diet. The French diet is more a way of life of French women, rather than a strict diet for growing thin. After all, the daily gastronomic habits of French women is the basis of the French diet for healthy and equal weight loss. The French diet is based, strangely enough it sounds on the fact that food is a pleasure. Therefore, the French are very carefully watching what is sent to the mouth. The French are never distracted during the meal and very thoroughly chew on the food, enjoying every bit.

The essence of the diet from France

The essence of the French diet for weight loss - a day you should consume no more than 1500 kcal. The diet is designed for two weeks and all this time you will have to monitor the amount of food you eat. But the result is worth it - for two weeks on a diet you will lose up to 7 kg of excess weight! Strictly following the menu of the French diet, you will force your body to use fat reserves, which will lead to a smooth weight loss. Weight will go fairly smoothly and without jumps, but not at the expense of reducing muscle weight, namely due to the combustion of excess fat in the body. The menu of the French diet consists mainly of boiled or raw foods. This is a huge plus of the French diet - you do not have to stand by the stove and excel in cooking salads or vegetable stews. The main advantage of the French diet is that excess fat will begin to melt from the problem zones - the abdomen, shoulders, arms and thighs. The French diet is not too strict and it allows the use of lean meat and seafood, but in moderation. Even on the French diet, you need to eat olive oil and olives, some hard cheese and, of course, drink red wine.

Categorically prohibited on the French diet the following products - salt and sugar, fruit juices, confectionery, various marinades and pickles, bread and whole flour, canned food.

Sample menu of the French diet for a day

  • First breakfast. A cup of coffee, a couple of boiled hard-boiled eggs, a leaf salad and a fresh tomato.
  • Lunch. A piece of cheese, a cup of green tea, an apple.
  • Dinner. Vegetable or mushroom soup, 150 g veal, lettuce, cup of tea.
  • Snack. Grated carrots with lemon juice.
  • Dinner. A piece of fish or a handful of shrimp or 150 g of milk sausage or ham, tea and a spoonful of rice.

This is only an approximate menu. You must show imagination and try to consume more raw vegetables, drink more tea and clean water.