Fitness from old age

Begin to prepare!

Autumn is not the worst time of life ...

Scientists have this opinion: old age is a global deterioration of health, programmed genetically. The very nature wants us to grow old and sick. What for? In order to die. According to scientists, death is an indispensable tool for updating any animal population. Not understood? The old and the obsolete must give way to youth. Only a young organism has the highest degree of vitality, more precisely, adaptability to changing external conditions. Frequent on our planet natural cataclysms, epidemics of deadly diseases, bloody wars - all these are able to endure only young, full of vitality, individuals.

Old age and health

Thus, the younger the human population, the more chances for survival. Within this theory, such signs of aging as high blood pressure, increased blood sugar levels and the gradual replacement of fatty muscle tissue have been declared genetically unavoidable. But is it? The experience of fitness says that it is not so. Those who regularly train, even in old age, everything is in order with pressure and sugar, and the usual senile fat on the body is not at all.

Youth elixir ?

So, the theory is not right? Maybe, it's right, but only needs clarification. In fact, much of what we normally consider to be obligatory features of old age does not have any genetic reasons at all. The whole secret is in the way of life. Passive life kills muscles with physical inaction and, therefore, naturally worsens health. And old age has nothing to do with it. So, fitness is a magic elixir of longevity and youth? Unfortunately no. Nature has prepared for all of us a terrible "trap". Ideally, our cells could divide endlessly, but no, over time, the cell division pipeline breaks down and starts to produce more and more mutant cells. And they are not capable of performing the functions of nature. As a result, the process of tissue renewal stops. Well and further only deterioration of heart, lungs, a liver ...

For healthy old age!

Fitness, of course, can not fix matters at the level of the cell, but it with a guarantee removes everything that is a consequence of the immobilized way of life. As a result, old age becomes healthy. Yes, for those who practice fitness, the autumn of life is not an endless series of illnesses, but the most that is a full period of existence, when a clear consciousness goes hand in hand with a huge life experience. The conclusion is this: do fitness! He will not make you immortal, but he will certainly help to preserve dignity. Then, when you need it especially ...