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fat burnersRelatively weak control over the production and sale of sports nutrition makes athletes and trainers the victims of marketing campaigns, sometimes built on pseudoscientific statements, rather than on proven facts. However, many food additives are still really effective. They directly affect athletic performance (for example, creatine or caffeine) or are used for nutritional purposes (for example, powdered food substitutes), contributing to the success of training.

Finally, there are a number of tools that can optimize the composition of the body, namely - to increase fat burning.

Спортивные fat burners

Fat Burners - Dr. Wolek: Ephedrine is an adrenergic agonist that uses adrenergic receptors in various cells, including fat cells, nerve cells, and blood vessel and central nervous system cells that control appetite.

Ephedrine has a marked effect on processes such as fat splitting, thermogenesis, excitability, heart rhythm, blood pressure, dilation of bronchial muscles and some others.

In combination with caffeine, ephedrine invariably gives good results in getting rid of excess fat. This combination leads to a reduction in fat mass with the preservation of muscle, which is due to an increase in thermogenesis (heat production) and a decrease in the amount of food consumed.

However, 80% of the effect of ephedrine with caffeine on weight loss is due to suppression of appetite, and only 20% - to increase the metabolic rate.

Synephrine is a natural alkaloid found in the fruits of bitter orange. In structure, it is similar to ephedrine and affects adrenergic receptors. Unlike ephedrine, it interacts purposefully with adrenergic beta-3 receptors (and, possibly, with alpha-1 receptors), contributing to the breakdown of fats.

Ephedrine binds also to adrenergic receptors beta-1 and beta-2, stimulating the nervous and cardiovascular system. Thus, synephrine has a noticeable stimulating effect (increases metabolism, reduces appetite, increases energy levels), but without the side effects of ephedrine.

There are a number of data confirming the positive effect of green tea on fat burning. Its bioactive element is EGCG (epigalocatechin gallate), which increases the oxidation of fats and prevents its accumulation. After 12 weeks of consumption of green tea (690 mg of catechins per day), the rate of fat burning and weight loss increased twofold.

During the CT scan, the levels of both subcutaneous and visceral fat in the abdominal region were assessed. In comparison with placebo, green tea caused a fourfold decrease in the level of subcutaneous and visceral heat. Thus, green tea can indeed locally affect fat stores in the abdominal area.

Unlike other fat-burning agents that provide a sympathetic release of hormones and for this reason raising the heart rate and blood pressure (for example, ephedra), green tea works with completely different mechanisms. Its catechins suppress the enzyme that cleaves norepinephrine (noradrenaline), and thus prolong the effects of norepinephrine (increased heart rate, increased fat splitting, etc.).

fat burnersIn addition, green tea reduces appetite and inhibits the activity of the major enzymes involved in preserving fats. Effective doses of EGCG have not yet been accurately determined, but studies show a dose benefit of 270 mg divided into three parts of 90 mg for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Recent experiments have shown that this food supplement works even better than the tea itself. Another study found that the consumption of food supplements containing catecholamines on an empty stomach (without food) leads to a greater increase in its bioavailability than ingestion with food.

Fat Burners - Dr. Berardi: I always warn people against prolonged intake of stimulants and fat burners. They not only represent a risk to the heart (minimal if you do not have congenital, genetic or acquired heart disease), but also can make it difficult to control the body composition in the future.

Artificial metabolic stimulation can give the effect of withdrawal if you refuse to take medications, which are expressed in slowing the rate of metabolism. That is, you will be in a sportive shape during the intake of a food supplement, but you will not be able to keep it after you give it up.

Fat burners are not so necessary as they try to convince us. Of course, they accelerate the process, helping to achieve short-term goals. They can be used in the last few weeks, for example, before a culturist tournament. It all depends on your goals.

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