Exercises to clean the belly and sides

Exercises to clean the sides and stomach

Exercises to remove fat from the abdomen and sidesExercises to clean the stomach and sides - which are the most effective? On the Internet, and in printed sources are offered a variety of physical activities. And most of them are classic loads on the press area. However, many fitness instructors are sure that in order to remove fat from the abdomen exercises should be different. Since in the classical "twists" only muscles are inflated, the stomach can become even larger visually. Therefore, the load should not go directly to the abdominal muscles. We will describe some of the most effective. Specially designed exercises to clean the sides and stomach are ideal for doing at home. From sports equipment you will only need dumbbells. But even without them you can do - just replace them with bottles of 1.5 liters, filled up with water. Let's start?

1. Legs on the width of the shoulders, in the hands of dumbbells. Do squats, if possible, pulling the pelvis back to remove excessive load from the back and knees. Squats are performed up to an angle of 90 degrees. Strains press and calf muscles.

2. Lunge with the foot forward. Stand on one knee. Dumbbells in the hands. The thigh with the shank forms an angle of 90 degrees. The back is straight. Return to the starting position. Make an attack first on one leg, then on the other. Strained hips, buttocks, calf muscles and, of course, the press.

3. Put your foot on the support (for example, on a low stool or a stool). In the hands, take dumbbells and lift them upwards in the opposite side thrown to the elevation. That is, elongated arms and a raised leg should draw a straight line. Now your leg bends in the knee and pulls from the side of the hands, while the hands are bending in the elbows and pulling to the knee. Repeat the same on the other side. This type of exercise to remove fat from the sides is very effective.

4. Put your foot on the dais. Bent it in the knee, the other leg pulls aside. That is, the emphasis is on the bent leg. Half-sided, thigh and shin form an angle of 45 degrees. A hand from the same side, together with a dumbbell, lift to the chin. Now at the same time we unbend our leg in the knee, we carry the weight to the other leg, and raise the arm with the dumbbell. Go back to the starting position. Perform the exercise smoothly. The muscles of the abdominal press actively work.

That's what exercises to remove the stomach will be literally in a few weeks. The speed of achieving the result will depend on both the amount of surplus fat that needs to be removed, and the regularity of the exercises and the duration of training. Notice, no boring exercises on the press, which are boring since the school. The more interesting the training will be, the more likely the person will be engaged, the better the results. But exercise training, but also about the diet should not be forgotten. A person with excess weight can not even dream of a beautiful pulled-up figure only with the help of physical exertion. First, obese people engage in fitness is hard, and secondly, the maximum fat is still burned by a decrease in caloric intake. To do this, you can use a balanced diet or develop your own. Remember that in the diet of a person for a normal existence, there must be proteins, carbohydrates and a little fat every day. Animal fats should be limited, protein products should be preferred to low-fat meat and fish, and from carbohydrates to vegetables. If you follow a diet, the caloric intake should be about 1200 kcal per day (for a woman not engaged in heavy physical work). In the process of removing the abdomen and sides, exercises help noticeably, they can not be dispensed with. So, do not be lazy and daily perform the above 4 simple and boring exercises.