Exercises for stretching at home

Stretching strengthens the muscles

Stretching is the first thing that we erase from the plan, when time is running out, forgetting that this is not such a useless appendage for training. In fact, stretching as well as cardio or strength exercises helps to strengthen muscles and become slimmer.

stretchingIn spite of the fact that the experts in a friendly choir advise to finish stretching any fitness session, usually a "pipe calls" us into the shower immediately after the last exercise, and we do not want to think about the hitch already. But just 5 minutes of minor exercise and pleasant relaxation can prevent pain and discomfort, which often overwhelm the body after classes. In addition, the stretching performed today can make tomorrow's workout more effective: the amplitude of movements will be greater, max - stronger. Yes, and outside the gym you will notice a change for the better: posture and coordination of movements will improve, and as a result the whole figure will look more taut. With age, the need for stretching becomes even more critical. For if flexibility is not maintained and not cultivated, it will simply be irretrievably lost.


So, we present to you a small part of the stretching exercises necessary to form a beautiful figure.

Stretching to pregnant women is not only permissible, but also necessary, the whole issue is only in common sense and observance of elementary precautions.

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