Do not eat after 18

If you do not eat after 6 hours

Can I lose weight if I do not eat after 18 hoursDo not eat after 18 hours - this is the most common advice given by dietitians, as well as friends and acquaintances to everyone who wants to lose weight.

The essence of most methods of losing weight is that the amount of energy consumed must be lower than the energy consumed. If we consume more energy than spend during the day, then the weight is added. If the amount of energy consumed is less than the consumed, the weight goes away. And can you lose weight if you do not eat after 18 hours, and how effective is it? Let's try to understand the essence of this template recommendation.

In the morning all the load of the coming day is yet to come. If during the day you plan at least some kind of motor activity, at least the way to work and back, moving around the office or doing household chores, then you can not especially worry about the caloric content of breakfast. Moreover, in the morning energy is simply necessary to get a charge of strength. Accordingly, a sandwich or a bun with coffee for breakfast is not very dangerous for the figure. Moreover, the metabolism in the first half of the day is much faster than after 4 pm.

For lunch, it is good to eat protein foods, as well as foods rich in fiber. The amount of fats and high-carbohydrate foods, such as flour and sugar, is better cut. But the last meal should be relatively easy. He must satisfy the feeling of hunger, but do not burden the body. Ideal dinner will be vegetables or dairy products with a low percentage of fat.

The recommendation is not after 6 hours - very conditional. It is obvious that the regime of the day and the level of physical activity are different for all. It will be more logical to adhere to the advice not to eat 4 hours before bedtime. If you go to bed at 10 pm, and your diet is a low-calorie diet is not after 18 hours - this is a great way to not only accelerate weight loss, but also to improve the body.

If you go to bed at 2 am, then an 8-hour evening starvation is just absurd, especially if your breakfast does not happen before noon.

In the event that you attend a gym using a night pass, for example at 11pm, a light dinner 3 hours before the workout will be simply necessary.

We build a diet

So, in order to increase the effectiveness of diets and exercise, it is best to eat the most caloric food for breakfast, lunch to do with saturated proteins, and for dinner prefer fiber and dairy products.

This rule will not only help in the fight against excess weight, but will also correspond to the biological needs of the body.

At night, the body needs, above all, a full rest. A digestion of food - is a load not only on the digestive organs, but also on the whole organism as a whole. That is why it is necessary that the process of active digestion should end before the moment of falling asleep. The quality of night sleep will increase significantly, with no extra energy left that you did not have time to spend during the day.

Who is harmful to not eat after 18 hours

Not to eat after 6 is harmful to those whose day regimen is shifted towards late retirement. Long-term hunger has negative consequences for the digestive system and bad for the brain. In addition, it will not be easy to fall asleep on an empty stomach.

For those who can not refrain from delicious goodies late at night, it is better to eat 2 hours before bedtime than to keep from 6 o'clock, and then not stand, and eat the cake right before bedtime.

For people with gastrointestinal diseases who recommend fractional frequent meals, a large break between meals is undesirable. It is best to eat low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt an hour before bedtime. It is also possible to drown out the feeling of hunger with any vegetable or vegetable salad, preferably without refueling. It can be cabbage, carrots, etc. But the fruit is in the afternoon, and even more so in the evening, should not be.

Pregnant and lactating are highly undesirable long breaks between meals. But reducing the caloric content of food by the second half of the day will be justified and safe.

The main goal of any diet is to improve the body and put your body in order. Using any diet, do not forget about common sense. One method is unlikely to bring results. Only long adherence to the rules of rational nutrition in combination with normal sleep and physical activity will help achieve the desired harmony.