Diet with activated carbon

Diet with activated charcoal

Diet with activated charcoalDiet with activated charcoal is a fashionable modern hobby. The authors of the diet announce their method as absolutely safe and very effective. Compliance with all the rules promises to save anyone from 10 extra pounds in 10 days, and an additional bonus to harmony is the complete cleaning and renewal of the body. Let's try to analyze the proposed method by studying the basic properties of activated carbon.

How Activated Carbon Works

Activated carbon is the oldest natural sorbent. It is produced from various natural carbonaceous materials, for example, from charcoal or coconut shells.

Coal has a porous structure. Activated, it is called, as the process of thermal and chemical treatment, which is called activation, goes through. During this process, this substance opens up pores. A large number of pores and contributes to the fact that coal can absorb, adsorb a huge amount of substances, many times greater than its own volume. By the way, the total area of ​​the porous surface of 1 gram of activated carbon is 1000 m3 on the average. It is used both in medical practice and in everyday life. Most water filters use coal as a cleaning sorbent.

In medical practice, activated carbon is used to treat acute food poisoning, diarrhea associated with food poisoning, as well as for the treatment of chemical intoxications.

The essence of the process of losing weight

Diet with activated charcoal вызывает столь высокий интерес в первую очередь благодаря своей высокой доступности. Средняя цена упаковки таблеток колеблется в диапазоне от 6 до 15 рублей.

In addition, the authors of the method emphasize the unique natural properties of activated carbon and its safety. Of course, activated carbon is a good sorbent. It is effective in non-infectious diarrhea and food poisoning. Coal does a good job of detoxifying the body. Known algorithm for preparing for events, where you have to drink a lot of alcohol. Before the holiday, it is enough to take the required dosage of coal, and the risk of intoxication and alcohol poisoning, as well as unpleasant consequences, will be significantly reduced.

How is it proposed to use activated charcoal for slimming at home? The drug is offered within 10 days. Tablets, the number of which depends on the body weight (1 tablet per 10 kg of weight), should be taken 3 times a day for an hour and a half before meals. At the same time on the first day it is necessary to refuse food altogether, to drink only water. And during the remaining 9 days you need to completely abandon sugar and salt, exclude fatty foods and flour products. You can eat only low-fat dairy products, green vegetables and unsweetened fruits, for example, apples and citrus fruits. Meat products and fish are recommended to be used in boiled or steamed.

It's no wonder that a diet with activated carbon reviews collects positive. After all, such a diet in combination with fasting and unloading days is the classical basis of most diets. A healthy diet according to these principles will bring the desired effect regardless of the intake of tablets.

Thus, it can be concluded that weight loss with activated charcoal resembles a famous fairy tale about porridge from the ax. The soldier promised to cook porridge from the ax, but only for taste asked to add more meat, vegetables and cereals. Excellent porridge turned out from the ax, that's just an ax here at all with nothing. So with the diet - it will give the desired result, and the body cleansing will occur, and the weight will certainly decrease due to the limitations in nutrition. And if you add a set of physical exercises, the result will surpass all expectations.

As for restrictions and precautions, activated charcoal is indeed quite safe. At least for 10 days, there will be no harm from its application. It is only necessary to remember that coal is contraindicated in case of exacerbation of stomach diseases, such as ulcer and gastritis. In addition, the ability to adsorb many substances, unfortunately, extends not only to toxins, but also to vitamins and many other substances needed by the body. And the feature of activated carbon is known to cause constipation due to the absorption of moisture from the intestine. That's why it is undesirable to abuse this technique and apply it for a long time.

It is also necessary to remember that coal neutralizes the effect of many chemicals, including drugs. Therefore, if you need to take any medications regularly, you must at least 3 hours to distribute their intake with the use of activated charcoal. But even then their therapeutic effect can be significantly reduced.