Weight loss

Lose 7 kilos in a week

Lose 7 kilograms per week - really! In the life of every girl there are important events, before which we set a goal - to lose weight. As a rule, before any celebration "another month", but because the diet will necessarily begin "on Monday". So one

How to lose weight with health benefits?

Five more years ago you caught on yourself admiring glances of men, how it was nice! Compliments gave confidence, increased your spirits. Then a new member of the family appeared in the family, a tiny little man turned the usual life back. The way of

Protein diet: the pros and cons

Is the protein diet a panacea or a myth? The wide popularity of the protein diet among fitnesistok and actors is due primarily to the fact that weight loss is mainly due to fat, and not muscle mass, which makes the figure slender, rather than

Diet for a month

Low-calorie diet for a month Diet from Venderovskaya for a period of one month This DIET FOR ONE MONTH is a wonderful low-calorie diet specifically to bring your appetite into certain proper frames. All month it will be necessary to alternate

Potato diet

Slimming with a potato diet The potato diet seems to many just a mockery. How can I lose weight by eating potatoes? Vegetable, from which firstly refuse if you want to lose weight. However, not every potato is so harmful to the figure. A great role

Anti-cellulite products (cosmetics, linen)

Anti-cellulite cosmetics Anti-cellulite cosmetics благодаря усилиям средств массовой информации, которые раздувают проблему целлюлита до вселенских масштабов, приобрела большую популярность среди потребителей. Производить такую косметику очень

Weight loss with ginger

Weight loss recipes with ginger Losing weight with ginger, provided that you are already observing a low-calorie diet or just eating right, can be quite fast. The root contains a huge amount of useful substances: vitamins, minerals and essential

How to clean your belly for a week

How to clean the belly for 1-2 weeks How to clean the stomach for a week - can you find the answer to this question? In fact, to lose weight in 7 days, to reduce the volume at the waist is really possible. For maximum effect, it is better to use

Diet break

Finnish diet Pause This simple, but very interesting diet was developed by Finnish specialists in healthy nutrition. It is based on the mechanisms of nervous regulation in the human body. As you know, the signal about saturation comes to the brain a

Exercises on the back at home

Small chest and inexpressive waist - swing your back! What is your posture? Good? And you need sports! No press, no buttocks and no legs should become the number one object for every fitness athlete, and back. Exactly. Imagine yourself with an
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