Contests for bachelorette party

Everyone knows that neither she nor the wedding can do without a hen party. For a long time this party has become traditional, it is a bachelorette party is a very good reason to collect old friends who have not spoken to you for a long time, will scatter, take a walk and enjoy the holiday. Girlfriends spend the bride in a new, family life. The bride basically independently decides how to celebrate the bachelorette party. But very often it happens that the bride's friends themselves want to surprise her and come up with different unusual options for celebrating the hen party. how to organize a bachelorette party

How unusual to have a hen party

For today the most widespread variant of celebrating of a bachelorette party is a celebration in any restaurant, with alcohol, very tasty meal, and very often with private dances for the future wife. This version of the celebration is very suitable for those people who do not really want to get in touch with the location of the hen party and the entertainment program. But still a much more interesting option - the collection of someone at home, there you can organize original contests, arrange a pajama party.

The basis of the party lies in its theme

There are so many different names. For example, "Pajama Celebration" or "Maiden Celebrations" and much more. If you have a very original fantasy, then you can come up with various interesting contests corresponding to the theme of the party. The most important. To this evening there was a great mood and prepared in advance entourage. games and contests on devichnik Celebrate a bachelorette party in different ways, here are some contests from which you can start a holiday:
  • You can start with fortune-telling. Young girls are very fond of magic, regardless of whether they are married or not. You can make small sandwiches, for each of them put prepared notes in advance. On the notes you need to write predictions for the future, which will be pleasant and cheer up. Also you can bake cookies, inside of each of which there will also be a piece of paper with a prediction. Similarly, the example of a fortune telling example you can translate into contests. In each sandwich or in each cookie you need to put different tasks, for example, play someone on the phone, tell a joke, buy a special gift for the bride, sing a song, remember the funny story associated with the bride. You can come up with different options, it all depends on your imagination.

  • You can also hold such a common competition - you need to put three chairs, put towels on them. Under the towels put small items of the office (suitable paperclips, buttons, sharpeners), you can also put caramels. A girl who sits on a chair must count all these items, do not use hands, but just sit on them.
  • There are very interesting competitions that are based on the association. All present need to give out leaflets and pens. Everyone writes by association to such words as "horse", "sea", "dog". Respond to such associations need to be deployed, at least in the form of a proposal. Each girl gets a chance this evening to find out about herself a lot of interesting things and new things. Thus, the sea is happiness, the horse personifies young people, and the dog - immense kindness.
  • There is also a very interesting game called "Crocodile". Playing such a game, you can raise all the mood and have fun. One person from the audience should picture any subject related to the wedding theme without words. For example, registry office, wedding cake, wedding dress, rings and so on. All the others guess what is shown to them.
  • An interesting game "feel pregnant." All the girls need to put under the blouses or dresses cushions and discuss with very serious faces the problems of pregnant mothers.
  • Competition with balls. You will need to inflate balls for this contest, having first covered them with colored rice. Present the girls divided into two parts, hand them in the hands of two forks and put face to face. The contest is that the team members must transfer the ball to the "three" account to the person who is standing at the very edge. And you can transfer it only with forks, while you need to try not to pierce the ball. If the ball is still bursting, then you need to start the game anew, replacing the ball with a new one. The team that was able to quickly pass the ball across the entire series, wins.

A hen party, on which there are no competitions, is not a hen party. They should be an obligatory part of such gatherings. To the evening was really unforgettable, you need to prepare for it in advance and plan everything.