Work during pregnancy

Work during pregnancyA huge number of pregnant women and continue to go to work until that time until the second trimester of pregnancy is over. More often it happens in those cases when pregnancy passes calmly, and without any unpleasant complications. Those maternal feelings that are born during this period, can make you more cautious, careful and attentive to yourself.

However, often enough, future moms can over-estimate their strengths unnecessarily. Someone thinks that he can afford to work with the same intensity. And the result in such a situation can be only one, everything will fall from the hands, the work can become more burdensome, and further career will appear very vague. Think, maybe it really is not worth it, insist that you are an active careerist and workaholic? Maybe, you can at least for these nine months give up such activity, because this also affects the health of the baby? Perhaps it will really be better to spend vital energy and power rationally, only on those matters that are vital?

In the early stages of pregnancy, the so-called dominant pregnancy will be formed, in other words, this is the time for which a woman is able to accept her new condition. And all these temporary not very pleasant phenomena such as forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, and even a decline in intellectual abilities are due precisely to the dominant pregnancy. Thus, nature itself considers it necessary to take care of all its life forces and the thoughts of the future mother, they are focused on the future baby, and nature also forms a woman's attitude towards pregnancy in general. So, of course, it makes sense to think about how you will be able to take care of pregnancy, about your still tiny baby, at this stage, of course, it's about work, nutrition, physical and psychological stress, about lifestyle generally.

There is an excellent setting that can help you formulate the right attitude regarding pregnancy and work, try to imagine yourself at the place where your baby is now.

Schedule of work of a pregnant woman and her state of health

Do not think that when you are pregnant, you will be given some special privileges at work. If you are constantly late for work or shifting your duties to someone else's shoulders, most likely the bosses will not look at your situation, and can sufficiently express you their quite justified discontent, moreover, you can make ill-wishers among colleagues. Nobody will deny that you really are in a special situation, and yet make every effort and try to soberly assess all their capabilities at this stage. If it is really too difficult for you to maintain your previous rhythm of work, try talking with the management on how it is possible to make your schedule more flexible or ask for a temporary release of you from any part of really difficult duties. So you can avoid misunderstanding of colleagues, as well as potential conflicts in the future, both with employees and with management. Pregnancy is not a disease, it's not worth it to build a heroine from yourself, and you will agree that your enterprise will not go bankrupt if you reduce your former hyperactivity some time. Even at the earliest stages of pregnancy, it will be better for you to think about how to correctly allocate and plan your time in the near future, and you will need to do some accent on the time before and after birth. If you plan to work, then, of course, it will be quite difficult for you, if you can not correctly calculate your mental and physical strengths, as well as emotions. It is extremely important to be able to learn how to listen to oneself and your organism, as well as to learn adequately, to perceive certain difficulties and try not to commit at least gross mistakes.

The working capacity of a pregnant woman depends, first of all, on the state of her health. When a woman is exhausted by the most powerful toxicosis, then, of course, to work fully, efficiently and with full dedication, she, certainly, can not simply it is impossible. In cases where you are unable to avoid contact with the factors that irritate you, or these factors are so many that you simply have nowhere to try to think about a possibly incomplete working day. Understand that the more time you allow yourself to rest, the easier and calmer you will be to respond to those temporary inconveniences and even the difficulties that can accompany pregnancy. Arrange the right priorities, determine for yourself what is more important to you now, your let and very highly paid work or the health of the only and beloved little man that you notice will very much depend on your mother, Mom, peace of mind. Remember reasonable compromises can always be found.

Many studies prove that the birth of a baby with insufficient weight, too early detachment of a child's place, as well as an increase in the blood pressure of the mother is directly related to some unfavorable factors that occurred in women at work. This is a constant stress, and extremely unstable work schedule, or too exhausting work from early morning until late at night. Such factors clearly carry enormous physical and, of course, psychological stresses. And of course you just need to think very well and thoroughly, if it is possible for you such a tiring load, if you decide to still stay in the workplace during the entire pregnancy.

Relationship with the employer

Work at home for pregnant womenOne can not hide the fact that the social conditions of our life are such that there are such employers who, unfortunately, do not at all gladly receive news of the onset of pregnancy of their irreplaceable employees. Sometimes it even happens that with respect to a pregnant woman can be used not correct and even not entirely honest methods. A pregnant woman can create such working conditions that she may just have to give up this job. It is enough in such a situation only not to change the rigid heavy schedule and possibly irregular working day, send the woman to difficult tedious business trips or not to let go to the planned receptions to the women's consultation. If something similar happens to you, you have developed exactly this kind of relationship with the leadership, try not to succumb to such tricks. Boldly seek the advice of a competent lawyer. If you are absolutely sure that you will be able to prove your case and give weighty arguments, respectively, proving the illegality of your employer's actions, you will be able to take the necessary protection measures that the lawyer will advise.

Do not write at the insistence of the leadership of the application for dismissal, according to their own will, even when the management will offer you to finalize two more weeks to maintain decency. If you are at work trying to fire you, just because of the onset of pregnancy, this gives you a direct reason to apply with a complaint or a complaint directly to the labor inspectorate. Do not worry, it does not hurt your work biography at all, but the management that has become accustomed to practicing such methods of management will no longer repeat them in situations with other women. In any case, after all you can without a shadow of regret leave such a place of work. Do not worry, with the hard necessity of making money, it is quite possible to find another employer, and, incidentally, with the ability to earn at home to avoid health risks, and not to suffer from unbearable conditions at work.

And yet, in most cases, it is easier for a woman to find a common language and agree on compromises with her usual employer. In cases where your usual work schedule does not involve huge and unbearable loads, or when management agrees to almost meet you in every way, creates more flexible acceptable conditions for you, work for a pregnant woman has its unequivocal advantages. It:

  • A wonderful stimulation, which encourages you to be always in shape, to make every effort to monitor your appearance.
  • work will not allow you to relax and gain excessive pounds, which often happens when a woman carries a pregnancy at home.
  • at work it always seems that time flies faster, and working things and cares do not leave time for some disturbing or restless thoughts.
  • Working atmosphere will give a sense of financial freedom and independence, and this in turn is self-confidence and, of course, in its future.

Lawyers constantly draw our attention to the fact that it is necessary to inform the management about their pregnancy, already after the first three months of pregnancy, when your condition has already stabilized and has returned to normal, and the tummy gradually becomes noticeable to all those around you.

When you are ready to talk with your superiors, think and clearly define all your possibilities:

  • Up to what period of pregnancy would you like to work on?
  • Will your job responsibilities allow you to choose a more flexible schedule for you?
  • Can you and will you want to take part of the work at home, and go to the workplace purely by agreement with the authorities?

Sitting at the computer at home and at work

work in pregnancyIn the modern world, most of us are no longer able to imagine our daily lives without using a computer. Computers have become almost an integral part of our lives, which fully affects future mothers. With the help of the Internet resources, future mothers can afford to find out all the important information about pregnancy and delivery, women are accustomed to communicate in forums, discuss the most relevant topics from their point of view in certain circles of interest. They can make orders, in various virtual stores using home delivery services, and at the same time manage to continue to work. And the last most important condition is very important for a woman in the modern world. As a rule, it is the computer that can allow a pregnant woman to organize so-called not full employment at work, and perform a certain part of the cases without leaving home. The presence of a computer allows a pregnant woman to continue working, even when she goes on maternity leave and, of course, after childbirth. Such an opportunity quite often helps to preserve its workplace and, accordingly, financial independence.

Modern scientists so far and can not with full confidence assert that the computer, does any harm to the human body, nor can they, justify the opposite.

Despite the fact that neither the harm nor the benefits of using the computer are proven, future mothers will still take better care of themselves with the help of elementary but quite important rules.

How to organize your workplace properly

  • It is necessary that the screen of the monitor was exactly at eye level. Under your desk should be enough free space, so that a pregnant woman could simply stretch her legs. Conventional chairs will be better replaced with a swivel chair, preferably with adjustable back, armrests, height adjustment. In a comfortable chair, a woman can always noticeably place a pillow under her back to prevent such a painful lumbosacral osteochondrosis.
  • To work at a computer is better in this mode: for forty-five minutes, work actively, after which the mandatory rest break, for fifteen minutes. The screen of the monitor during the break will be better turned off.
  • At a time when you are going to take a break, be sure to get up from the table. If there is such an opportunity, you will go out into the street to walk a little or just stand not much in the fresh air.
  • Try every fifteen or twenty minutes of continuous work to change the position in which you were sitting. You can shake your shoulders, move your legs a little, you can even shake your head. All these not complicated tricks will help you get rid of fatigue. When you sit too long without moving, it can lead to a certain stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs and legs, and this, in turn, can provoke the formation of hemorrhoids, as well as varicose veins. Find for yourself a special bench, about twenty centimeters high, and put it under your feet. This will help you often change the position of the legs, which in turn will improve blood circulation.
  • When pregnancy is a long job, sitting at the computer several times increases the risk that there may be a so-called tunnel syndrome of the wrist joint. Do not rely on the wrists on the edge of the table, try not to hold your hands on the weight, in addition, try to choose the most comfortable ergonomic keyboard. Try to accustom yourself not to hit the keys with your fingers, but only gently touch them preferably without straining your fingers. It is best to learn a blind set of texts, this is useful for your eyes, and for your hands, and also saves your time perfectly. Accustom yourself from time to time to do certain exercises for the hands. Shake your hands, twist them, first tighten, and then unclench the jaws.
  • Do not forget to take breaks to rest your eyes. Periodically try to do special exercises for the eyes. First, blink intensely, make several rotational movements with eyeballs, move your eyes from one side to the other side, while lowering your eyelids, try, alternating to focus your eyes on distant objects, then on the approximate ones.
  • Think about where your computer is installed, whether the next light sources and the direction of the light streams are taken into account when installing it. It will be better if you sit with your back to such a source of natural light as a window, but on sunny days it is better to cover the blinds or curtains. It is perfectly permissible when a powerful light source is on your right or on your left.
  • That work was not a burden is very important optimal illumination. In rooms with insufficient illumination, the correct balanced combination of artificial and natural light sources is necessary. It is inadmissible in general that the computer monitor be the only source of illumination, and also extremely negative situations when the electric lighting is unnecessarily bright.