What uzi determines pregnancy

Definition of pregnancy by uzi

What uzi need to do to determine pregnancyWhat uzi determines pregnancy - examination of the uterus through the abdominal wall or vaginal? Most potential future mothers want to know as soon as possible whether they are in a position. To this end, you can take a blood test for chorionic gonadotropin, it will give an exact answer to this question even before the onset of menstruation, but to be sure that the embryo is OK and it develops exactly in the uterus, it is possible only in the uzi of early pregnancy, which, by the way, is absolutely safe for both the mother and the child. It does not provoke intrauterine malformations, therefore, if necessary, it can be performed at any time.

And yet, when is it possible to determine pregnancy by uzi, and what else can and should be paid attention to by a specialist? Usually the first ultrasound in the early stages is performed at the request of the woman. It is quite easy to pass this examination in any public or private clinic. Usually women want to make sure - in the situation they are or not, as for someone the pregnancy can be very long-awaited, and for others on the contrary - accidental, unwanted, and you need to quickly check the presence of a fetal egg to get rid of it, that is, for abortion.

For medical purposes, a woman is referred for examination in case of infertility, IVF, especially if there is spotting or pain. It should be noted that it is up to the woman herself to decide what type of uzi should be done to determine pregnancy. However, a vaginal examination gives an opportunity to see a fetal egg about 1 week earlier. It can be seen on the monitor already at a weekly delay, and when examined through the abdominal wall a little later - about 2 weeks after the onset of menstruation. It should be noted that much depends also on the quality of medical equipment.

But to see a fetal egg is not the most important thing. For those who want to preserve pregnancy, it is more important to have an embryo in it. It can be seen not immediately, since it has a very small size, but only in 6-7 weeks. If the embryo is not detected, a control examination is prescribed after 7-10 days. If the fetal egg is empty - anembrion is diagnosed - this is an indication for abortion.

If the embryo is found, the doctor looks whether he has a palpitations. It appears already in the first weeks of pregnancy. If there is no palpitation, a control examination is also given. And in the case of stating the fact of a frozen pregnancy, scraping of the uterus cavity, vacuum aspiration or medical abortion is recommended.

These are the goals pursued by doctors, assigning women an early ultrasound in pregnancy. This is a highly accurate method of determining the most diverse pathologies. Do not give it up.