What to give a future mother for the new year?

What to give a future mother for the New Year? 3 3.7

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What to give a future mother for the New Year?

(To read to my husband, relatives, friends and colleagues)

Irina Zimina

If we build an associative series, connected in our minds with the New Year, one of the first in it will certainly be the word "gifts". It is known, of course, that "the gift horse does not look in the teeth" and "the gift is not dear, love is dear," but on the other hand, they say that "everyone is an architect of one's own happiness" and "rely on God, but himself ..." . So if you do not want to receive some absolutely useless porcelain cat for the New Year or, say, a bottle of gorgeous liquor from which a pregnant woman can not drink a sip, it's worth taking care of the gift in advance.

Of course, it's not quite right to pester the people around with a list of desirable gifts, but it is perfectly permissible to let them read the magazine "9 months", by making a bookmark on the right place.

We tried to fantasize a little on the topic "New Year's gift to the future mother" and offer you a small list, resulting in the result. We'll talk at once - it does not include gifts, which are certainly pleasant to any woman. Here and now we would like to talk about a gift to a pregnant woman.

So, recommendations for those who want to spend money intelligently and to please not just a woman, but a woman in an "interesting position".


Dress for the holiday. Every woman dreams to celebrate the New Year in a new beautiful dress, but, alas, not everyone can afford it, especially if this dress will be worn only a few months. The likelihood of improper purchase is not so great if you already ask in advance for the already available wardrobe and size. In this case, not only hoodie-shaped creations are suitable, but also, for example, a tight dress that emphasizes an "interesting situation". In the latter case, however, you need a strong confidence, firstly, that this style will have a woman to your liking, and secondly, that you know the exact size.

Close people (husband, girlfriend, mother, sister) can please the future mother with pantyhose or panties with special inserts for the abdomen.


A great gift can be shoes or boots with a sole made of modern waterproof porous ("breathing") materials (Gore-tex, Simpa-tex, Cell). These shoes are expensive enough, but the legs in it do not get tired, do not freeze in the frost, do not slide (hypothermia and falls are not useful to anyone, but during pregnancy reasons to avoid such failures much more). And after the birth of the child, during long walks, especially in the autumn-winter period, the young mother will be able to appreciate the care of her loved ones. However, do not forget that shoes intended for pregnant women should have a convenient and simple clasp (or better if you manage to pick up a model without fastening at all: in fact in the last months of pregnancy it is not so easy to zip up boots without assistance or lace up the shoes). In addition, always remember about the check (suddenly you will need to replace the wrong size or unattractive style!).

Cosmetics and perfumery

In this case we are talking about special products (creams, aromatic oils, balms, lotions, etc.) that help prevent the appearance of pigment spots, stretch marks on the chest and abdomen, varicose veins and other troubles of pregnant women.


I foresee the indignation of the "orthodox" part of the readership: "What kind of wine can we talk about during pregnancy?" Well, firstly, even strict doctors say that if a pregnant woman spends whole New Year's Eve drinking one glass of champagne, there is no sedition in this. However, it's not about this - do not give the same, in fact, a glass of champagne! But you can give ... non-alcoholic wine. Again, I foresee a skeptical grimace on the face of gourmets: "Non-alcoholic wine is like dry water, that is, complete nonsense." I think, so they say those who have no idea what it is. In 1906, the technology of making non-alcoholic wines was invented and patented in Germany. According to this technology, classical table wine passes all the required stages of production, but before bottling it is placed in a special vat where ethyl alcohol is extracted from it under vacuum. As a rule, white non-alcoholic wines contain very small and harmless (no more than 0.5) percent of alcohol, red wines are completely deprived of this unwanted component for a pregnant woman. There are also sparkling non-alcoholic wines, however, one should distinguish them from the so-called "non-alcoholic champagne", which in most cases is a common lemonade in a beautiful bottle, not always of good quality.

Health controls

Instruments for weight control (electronic scales) and pressure (electronic tonometer). During pregnancy, procedures such as weighing and measuring pressure become routine, without them there is not a single visit to a women's consultation. But to be able to weigh and measure the pressure at the moment when it seems necessary, in a comfortable home environment - from this, I think, will not refuse any pregnant woman. In addition, the scales and the tonometer are "useful in the household" and after childbirth.

Books and magazines

Books and magazines по беременности, родам и уходу за ребенком. Пригодятся в любом случае, только нужно уточнить, какие из них уже есть в наличии.


Video cassettes with films, where the plot is "twisted" around the pregnancy. From friends I know: "9 months", «Уж кто бы говорил» (часть 1 и 2), «Брачные игры земных обитателей». Films хоть и не новые, но будущей маме, скорее всего, доставят удовольствие. Возможно, в магазине смогут предложить еще что-то новенькое по данной тематике.

Objects that provide comfort and safety

Bath mat. The pregnant woman shifts the center of gravity, so the chances of slipping in the bath are quite high. In the future, this mat can be used when bathing a child.

Special ball of large (70-90 cm) diameter (look at the cover of the magazine "9 months" No. 7-8). One of the biggest disadvantages for pregnant women is the lack of opportunity to lie on your stomach (and you try to avoid this posture for a few months!). Such a ball (in a slightly deflated state) can be used for this purpose. And after childbirth on the same ball, a young mother can do gymnastics with a child.


The most suitable "authors" of this gift are future dad or future grandparents. Think about that within a year or two (depending on the availability and "degree of consciousness" of grandmothers), you can not go anywhere together. Perhaps the meeting of the New Year, say, in Prague or any other small trip of interest to you will be a beautiful end to the stage of life for each other on the eve of life in a new quality - as parents. And the head of the future mother or the future pope may well give them on holiday a small extraordinary vacation.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot:

Mobile phone

And what about the mother (at first the future, then - held) without him from the hospital (and later - during long walks with the child) with relatives and friends?

However, no matter how much the presenters pleased the future mother, we are sure: the meeting of this New Year will be remembered for a long time. After all, the time of pregnancy is always permeated with a happy expectation, and the New Year will bring this holiday and fairy tale to this expectation. Happy meeting you of the coming year!