Unloading days during pregnancy

How are unloading days during pregnancy?

Unloading days from swelling during pregnancyUnloading days during pregnancy are often prescribed by doctors to patients. But are they so safe for their health, and are they so necessary. This has been debated for years. Let's understand.

The term "unloading day" is used not only in dietology. Physicians also often advise this procedure to their patients. What is its essence and what are its results?

Kefir unloading day during pregnancy is primarily aimed at cleansing the intestines. He gives a short "holiday" to the digestive system, which then starts working with new forces. In addition to all the body gets rid of excess fluid and 1-2 kilograms of excess weight. In addition to the kefir day, there are more than a dozen ways to spend unloading days. They differ mainly in a set of characteristic products. In the narrow sense of the word, a fasting day is a short mono-diet.

Unloading can be carried out not only when the feeling of heaviness in the stomach ripens, weakness, frequent headaches, rapid weight gain and swelling (in case of pregnancy) and other symptoms. It can become a kind of prevention of such conditions and even contributes to the improvement of the whole organism. The main thing is to find suitable products for the procedure.

The most popular are unloading days from swelling during pregnancy on vegetables and fruits. Further in the rating of popularity are cereals, juices and sour-milk products. If the digestion and acidity is all right, you can stock up 1-1.5 kilograms of apples, persimmons or kiwi and absorb these delicious fruits throughout the day, without forgetting to drink water, green tea or herbal tea. It is clear that there will be no rush of energy and energy with such a diet, but this is one small disadvantage compared to several big pluses for the body. An obligatory condition is the use of a sufficient amount of liquid with a small consumption of salt - with such a drinking and eating diet, physiological swelling in pregnancy, as a rule, disappear.

If there is a history of gastritis, ulcer, abnormal acidity and other problems, a fasting day is either not performed, or they choose cereals for it. Let it be rice or buckwheat cooked without milk, salt and sugar. Such lean mush should be consumed 5-6 times a day in small portions. You can drink water, green tea, broth of wild rose or chamomile.

Separately, it should be said about juices. These drinks are loved by adults and children. They are really tasty and very useful. In its pure form, the use of juices is not recommended because of the large amount of acids in them that irritate the walls of the stomach and intestines. It is better to dilute them with water in a 1: 1 ratio. The most valuable in the menu during the day of pregnancy are juices from apples and grapefruits.

"Unloading" usually lasts a day, sometimes the 2nd. It is best to spend it on a day off, to occupy yourself with a favorite thing, so as not to remember food. Morning starts with a glass of water, then breakfast with the selected product after 30-40 minutes. Such meals a day should be 4-5. Dinner is planned 2-3 hours before bedtime.

In the next (not a fasting day) food should be easy. Let the breakfast consist of yogurt with fruit or dried fruits, small portions of porridge or boiled egg. Lunch should include a full portion of protein (boiled chicken breast, lean fish). For a side dish, you can prepare a vegetable salad or simply bake zucchini with carrots, peppers, tomatoes and greens. So gradually the diet is approaching the normal. If the concept of "unloading day" is combined with the term "proper nutrition" - normal weight gain, absence of swelling on the face and body, and excellent mood will be their common result. A fasting days for pregnancy reviews will only get good.