Toxicosis in pregnancy: how to deal with it

Early and late toxicosis of pregnant women

How to deal with toxemia in pregnancy at home using folk remediesToxicosis in pregnancy is a very common phenomenon. Someone it flows almost unnoticed, but for someone it becomes a real problem, because of which there are problems with health, you have to change your habits and life.

Individually and when toxemia begins during pregnancy, some women notice its manifestations almost with the onset of menstruation delay, and others only with 7-8 weeks. And the late onset of toxicosis is often more violent and unpleasant.

The causes of early toxicosis are not known exactly. There are a lot of opinions on this. Perhaps the problem here is more of a hormonal order. And someone complains about psychology, the psychological unwillingness of a woman to become a mother at the moment, rejection of her interesting situation.

But nevertheless, it is possible and necessary to combat early toxicosis. To begin with, using such non-pharmacological methods.

1. Frequent insatiable snacks. Most often, nausea and vomiting are provoked by hunger. But you can not eat much either. Best of all, as soon as a hunger calls out, eat something. Let it be even a cracker. And the nausea will recede.

2. Exclusion of fatty foods. This applies not only to butter, pork, but also fatty sour-milk products. For example, many future mothers do not tolerate cottage cheese in the early stages. Let the food be as light as possible, dietary.

3. Herbal remedies: tea with mint, lemon, lemon balm. The use of these infusions in the morning is a very good way to deal with toxemia in the early stages of pregnancy.

When nothing helps, and very often a vomiting occurs, a rapid loss in weight is possible, which adversely affects the development of the embryo, and dehydration of the organism of the future mother. Usually, in severe cases, women are referred to a hospital for treatment, where they make droppers and intramuscular injections of antiemetics. Usually all the ailments go to 12-15 weeks.

But there is a state no less unpleasant, and often even more severe and dangerous for the mother and child - toxicosis during pregnancy at a later date, the so-called gestosis. It manifests itself usually in the third trimester. And its symptoms are high blood pressure, swelling and rapid weight gain, protein in the results of urinalysis.

Unfortunately, late toxicosis (gestosis) is not treated with medication. You can get rid of it only by giving birth to a child. After giving birth, the mother's body is usually restored quickly without treatment.

While deliveries have not come, doctors put the woman with gestosis in a hospital, under supervision. Conduct symptomatic treatment - reduce blood pressure, if necessary, prick antibiotics (if there is a problem with the kidneys), put droppers with magnesia.

Late toxicosis in pregnancy - this is very serious, how to deal with it at home with folk remedies is better not even to think about. It can progress very quickly. And this can lead to an intrauterine death of a child and a mother coma.

The exact causes of gestosis are also unknown. There are no preventive measures to prevent it. Therefore, there is only one way out: to constantly see a doctor, to take urine tests on time, to watch your weight and pressure. But do not worry and do not reconcile yourself with someone else's or once experienced situations. Remember, if you had an early or late toxicosis with a previous pregnancy, this does not mean that this pregnancy will repeat itself.