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Therapist for pregnant women

What is the advice of an endocrinologist, is it possible to take sedatives during pregnancy and what happens to the cardiovascular system of a pregnant woman - the therapist responds.

  • Pregnancy is 24 weeks. I feel good. In the analysis of blood glucose - 5,2 mmol / l. The doctor directs me to a consultation with the endocrinologist. What for?

In your case, consultation endocrinologist is needed, most likely, to exclude gestational diabetes, or diabetes of pregnant women. This disease first occurs during the fetal gestation and can lead to the pathological course of pregnancy and childbirth, and also affect the health of the child. The fact is that in non-pregnant women the blood glucose level on an empty stomach is 3.3-5.5 mmol / l, and while the baby is waiting, the normal blood glucose level is 4.0-5.2 mmol? / L.

This is due to the fact that by the 20th week the level hormones of pregnancy already high enough, and they partially block the action of insulin - a hormone that promotes the absorption of glucose in the body. Therefore, pancreas cells that produce insulin should produce it 2-3 times more than usual. If the body does not cope with increased workload, then insulin deficiency develops, sugar in the blood of the mother rises and gestational diabetes mellitus develops.

  • I am 19 years old, the first pregnancy, 15 weeks. A difficult situation at work, I worry, I do not sleep well. Can I take sedatives?

You are in the second trimester of pregnancy, when the laying of the main organs and systems in the fetus is almost complete. At this time you can apply on the advice of a doctor sedatives Vegetable origin, unless, of course, the mother does not have allergies to their components. These are VALERIANA EXTRACTS (valerian in drops or tablets), PANCERY EXTRACTS in the form of tablets, as well as ready-made combination preparations on a plant basis - PERSON, NOVO-PASSIT.

The emotional background is affected by the deficit vitamins of group B, so you should take multivitamin complexes for pregnant women, appointed by your doctor, it is also recommended to include in the diet more foods containing this group of vitamins: dairy products, cereals, meat, fish, legumes, nuts. All sedative preparations of chemical origin are strictly forbidden to take, as they affect the development of the fetus and the health of the pregnant woman.

  • To me 32 years, at me 2-nd pregnancy, 1-I was in 20 years, proceeded normally, anything, except for a nausea, did not disturb. Now the term of 20 weeks, periodically feel frequent palpitations. This happens when I rest, and when I do something. The doctor says that this happens in pregnant women, nothing significant is not prescribed, says that the pressure is normal, did an ECG, did not find anything. What do i do?

During pregnancy in cardiovascular system future mother there are certain changes. They are compensatory mechanisms in response to the increasing burden on the body of a woman while waiting for the baby. In particular, the heart rate increases by 10-20 beats per minute (reaching 100 beats / min or more), reaching the maximum values ​​at the end of the second or the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy, which can be felt by a woman as frequent palpitation.

Often identified and extrasystole - manifested by the sensation of a non-rhythmical contraction of the heart and its periodic fading. All these phenomena are related to arrhythmia. Most arrhythmias are benign during pregnancy, i.e. do not threaten the life of the mother and fetus, usually pass after childbirth and treatment is not required.

However, if complaints persist, rhythm disturbances are accompanied by loss of consciousness, pain in the heart, coughing, swelling, it is necessary to exclude a more serious pathology. Cardiologist can appoint you not only ECG, but ECG during an attack, ultrasound of the heart (echocardiography or ECHO-KG), ultrasound of the vessels, if necessary Holter monitoring of the ECG during the day (ECG recording during the day), examination of the thyroid gland.

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