The suture after caesarean section hurts

Pain in the seam area after cesarean section: causes and treatment

How long does the suture after a caesarean section hurt?Pain after caesarean section - they are remembered for a long time after the operation of a woman. At someone they pass or take place still in a maternity home, and at someone are saved for months, and even for years. What to do if such a negative situation has affected you and how long does the suture after the caesarean section hurt - 1 month, 2 months or more, what is considered the norm?

The pain that appeared in the first month after the operation can be associated with non-compliance with hygiene, excessive physical exertion. By the way, they should be excluded at least 1.5, and preferably 3 months after the operation, as this can lead to divergence of the sutures. And if the suture after the caesarean section hurts during the second pregnancy, then this can be a remote consequence of female folly. It is advisable for the first month to arm themselves with the help of relatives in the home and care for the child.

Care of seams after cesarean section is carried out by nurses in the hospital. There is also a course of antibiotic therapy in the prevention of inflammation. And the woman is discharged only if the seam is in good condition. But why after the operation does cesarean section hurt suture then? There can be many reasons.

1. Low-quality suture material, which did not completely resolve (in most cases, a cosmetic suture is applied during the delivery operation). This often happens if the inner seam is made using silk threads. If the threads have resolved, and this should happen in 1-1.5 months, the suture on the uterus after cesarean should not hurt. If the thread is left, the woman has signs of inflammation. On scientific this is called a ligature abscess. It is a painful swelling with pus. This pus should be removed. In the center of the abscess, a thread is usually found. It is engaged in its removal and cleaning the wound surgeon. Then you need to take a few days of antibiotics. Usually all this happens in a stationary environment. It takes several days to lie in the hospital, as complications after the procedure are possible and rehabilitation is necessary.

2. If the internal suture after a caesarean section hurts, then the adhesive process in the pelvic region may be the cause. Some doctors who suspect this pathology from their patient are assigned to confirm her MRI. But more informative in this case will be laparoscopy. Thus, the doctor can see the spikes and dissect them with his own eyes. Thus, the patient will not have pain in the future, and the reproductive function will not be affected. After all, spikes are the most common cause of ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Intestinal obstruction can also be their consequence. Can the suture hurt after 6 months, a year, 2 years after cesarean section? Yes, if the problem lies in the adhesion process.

3. Problems with gynecology. Sometimes such unpleasant sensations are not at all connected with the presence of a suture on the uterus. Painful sensations can be associated with inflammation of the uterus - endometritis, inflammation of the ovaries - adnexitis. And sometimes the pathologies of the urinary system. Exactly answer the question where and what the doctor-gynecologist can ill after examination on the gynecological chair. Answer the question - the suture after cesarean is sore and inflamed, what to do or will give direction for additional studies, for example, ultrasound of the pelvic organs, urinalysis, a swab from the vagina if it considers that the pain does not give a suture.

4. The seam parted. Often this happens with physical exertion, contraindicated in the first weeks after surgery. What to do if after a planned cesarean the suture is severely sore due to its discrepancy? Do nothing yourself. You need to contact a surgeon who will clear the wound. Re-apply seams will not. But probably will prescribe antibacterial therapy. As a rule, the stitches diverge in the first days after the operation. If possible, stay in the maternity hospital after the operation for 7-10 days. Do not rush to leave, because if you have problems after discharge, you and your child will not be returned to the hospital. And I'll have to lie without a child in the surgery department.

Here are just a small part of the reasons why the sutures hurt after the surgical delivery. To establish the concrete reason for your case the doctor who will examine and palpates the seam can only. Trying to find the cause of the pain yourself, with the help of virtual consultations of doctors is futile.