The childbirth is approaching

Symptoms of approaching delivery

How to understand that childbirth is approachingThe child is approaching, at the end of the third trimester, all women are scared, no matter what child they are giving birth to. If not fear, then excitement is exactly present. How can you independently determine that the birth activity is about to begin, how can you understand that the birth is approaching and it's time to get ready for the hospital? There are several fairly well-known and accurate symptoms. In most cases, they appear shortly before birth.

1. Departure of the mucous plug. If the cervix is ​​still almost undiscovered, it is almost imperceptible. A woman can only pay attention to the appearance of mucous secretions in a little more than usual, and also on their unusual color. It can be pinkish, orange, with a small amount of blood. Women who say that they have mucous plugs did not depart, most likely, it was not noticed, since it can go away during a gynecological examination by a doctor of the cervix and with the passage of amniotic fluid.

2. Soft cervix of the uterus with gynecological examination. Symptoms of approaching delivery отражаются на этой части матки в первую очередь. Часто бывает так, что шейка матки по УЗИ еще длинная и закрытая, но на осмотре врач диагностирует ее мягкую консистенцию. Это значит, что роды могут начаться в ближайшие дни, если до предполагаемой даты родов осталось немного времени.

3. Diarrhea and vomiting. Some women say that the relaxation of the stool begins about a week before the birth. Usually it is written off on the features of nutrition, but in the end it turns out that this was a signal about the imminent beginning of labor. Practically always a frequent stool appears immediately at the beginning of labor. This is due to the fact that the head of the child falls into the pelvis of the mother and begins to press on the rectum.

Vomiting occurs in fewer women. And they usually write it off for poisoning. Vomiting can continue during childbirth. For this reason, including doctors do not advise mothers to drink plenty of fluids during labor and attempts.

4. Pressure on the bottom and a visual decrease in the level of the uterus. To find out that soon childbirth can be felt by a strong pressure on the rectum and perineum. By the way, this can happen not only at the end of pregnancy, but also be one of the symptoms of the threat of premature birth. In this case, doctors at least recommend wearing a bandage for pregnant women.

5. Frequent training bouts or suspicion of the present. When the term of labor is approaching, "training" becomes more frequent and prolonged. Some future mothers do not even pay much attention to them, if this has been going on for several days. And in fact it affects the cervix, leads to a reduction in its length, smoothing and softening. And soon the contractions become painful and regular.

Not all women notice the first signs of approaching births, and many people take for these signs not what they are. It is not uncommon for a woman to come to the maternity ward, and labor activity has not yet begun. While there is only the preparatory work of the body. In this case, doctors inject drugs to ease the condition of a woman, removing her spasms, which only harm. Do not think that such actions of doctors can slow birth. This kind of generic activity is not so easy to stop. And to stimulate a more rapid start of her medication does not always work and it makes sense.

6. Quieting the child. Immediately at the beginning of birth, many children behave very quietly. Doctors say that this is due to the lowering of their head in the mother's pelvis. The situation is absolutely normal and physiological. If the doctor is on CTG, and it necessarily takes place at least once in childbirth, does not see any serious changes, then everything is fine.

These are the main signs of the early onset of labor. And immediately about its beginning testify regular labor fights.