The beginning of pregnancy

Sensations, signs and symptoms at the beginning of pregnancy

The beginning of pregnancyThe onset of pregnancy rarely shows itself as any signs that can be detected independently. Is that only ... a delay in menstruation, but many young girls do not pay much attention to this: "Cycle failure, who does not happen!" More attentive girls are looking for any signs that are not too reliable at the beginning of pregnancy. Let's consider all those changes that a lady expecting a baby (in the early stages) can notice.

1. Toxicosis. Not all, but still most expectant mothers in one way or another early detection of toxicosis. It is not necessarily expressed in frequent vomiting, nausea. There can only be a rejection of any food and odors, weakness, sometimes dizziness, unreasonable fatigue, lack of appetite - all this also applies to manifestations of toxicosis.

2. Sometimes the onset of pregnancy sensations brings similar to those that occur before the onset of menstruation. And this is not only PMS, but also a pulling pain in the lower abdomen. If the pain is severe - it is necessary to contact the doctor. But to prevent miscarriage at very early stages is difficult ... By the way, many women also do not assume that they had miscarriages in their life, although ... they were ... Each delay in the months could potentially be a sign of an interesting situation.

3. Increased temperature. Or rather - subfebrile, that is, 37 with a small tail. This usually happens with a sluggish current chronic illness or with ... pregnancy. The fact is that in women, in the first trimester, thermoregulation is disturbed because of the hormone progesterone. After about 2-3 weeks, everything is restored. Many progressive women also know that it was possible to determine whether there was a conception or not by measuring basal temperature. If it is measured by all the rules (in the morning, without getting out of bed), then the result is above 37 degrees - positive. However, in some cases, BT may be lower than this value.

4. Scratch menstruation. If earlier similar was not observed, and there were sexual intercourse without protection, it is necessary to be checked up on pregnancy. Of course, these allocations do not have a monthly relationship, but are often a sign of detachment of the fetal egg or ... its ectopic location, which is very dangerous.

5. Increase and soreness of mammary glands, allocation of colostrum (sticky transparent or yellowish liquid from the nipples). But not only does the beginning of pregnancy have similar symptoms. Approximately the same many ladies feel before the start of another menstruation. Especially attentively it is necessary to treat this symptom, if it hurts only in some particular area of ​​the breast, there are compressions or a single formation to the touch. With such complaints you need to visit the mammologist immediately.

All of the above - signs are probable. But you can make an accurate diagnosis before the delay of menstruation! Approximately 10 days after conception, chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that is being tested for pregnancy, begins to be produced. However, these tests are recommended for the sake of greater reliability only with the beginning of the delay. But a blood test for HCG will show the correct result before the delay. What is sometimes very important. If the delay is already there, you assume the onset of pregnancy, pulls the lower abdomen, hurts the chest, there is toxicosis, it's time to pay a visit to the gynecologist. Do not worry, frequent gynecological examinations will not. If the bearing will proceed safely, then they will need no more than 2-3 in all 9 months. But ultrasound, which also diagnoses pregnancy, is usually appointed closer to 12-13 weeks. Previously - only if there are good reasons for that. For example, suspicion of frozen or ectopic.