Symptoms of miscarriage

What are the symptoms of miscarriage?

Symptoms of miscarriageSymptoms of miscarriage, as well as the state of them threatening, must be known to every future mother. After all, with early diagnosis of a possible problem and timely treatment, spontaneous termination of pregnancy can be prevented. So, how to understand that pregnancy is threatened?

In fact, everything is intuitive here. All educated women know that during the period of bearing a child there are no monthly periods. If there are spotting from the genital tract, even scanty, and especially pain in the uterus, it is most likely the symptoms of an early miscarriage. By the way, not only bloody discharge is considered dangerous, but also brown, so-called smear. In such situations, you need to urgently consult a doctor.

On what terms do such situations arise most often? Basically, there are symptoms of miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy, up to 12 weeks. In the first three months, the embryo is very susceptible to harmful effects, whether it is the mother's taking of medicines unacceptable to future mothers or excessive physical activity. But not always preventive maintenance helps to avoid spontaneous abortion. In fact, quite often it occurs because of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus that are not compatible with normal life. Thus, nature does not allow unhealthy children to be born. Although it is not a secret that there are still a lot of sick children, but miscarriages in early terms end in the most difficult and complicated cases.

What if you feel that you are losing a child? If the period is very small - 2-3 weeks, and there is no severe bleeding and pain - you can address urgently to a gynecologist. For long periods, as well as severe pains and heavy bleeding on any day (both weekdays and days off), you should either call an ambulance, or go to the emergency room yourself. Every minute counts. This situation can threaten not only the life of the unborn child, but also of his mother, if pregnancy becomes ectopic. And the symptoms of miscarriage in the early term may be a sign of ectopic ...

If you experience only a period of unpleasant, pulling sensations in the lower abdomen, but there are no secretions, in addition, it is confirmed that the pregnancy is pregnant, you can not rush to the doctor. Such phenomena can be said to be the norm and are quite common. With the tone of the uterus, you should use the papaverine candle rectally and drink a couple of No-shp tablets. But if the pain intensified, they became regular, bloody or brown discharge from the vagina appeared - stay at home and do not self-medicate.

Thus, the actual miscarriage of symptoms has a very limited amount. It is not necessary to perceive the slightest indisposition as a catastrophe. Although your health, of course, you need to be careful.