Sunburn during pregnancy

sunbathing in pregnancyAlmost all of us with the arrival of the summer pore, rush to luxuriate, lying under the warm sunlight and, of course, to find a fresh beautiful tan. And, in addition, despite all the warnings of doctors, that excessive love for sunburn is extremely erroneous and can cause a number of serious diseases, many women still continue to take risks, finding a deep tan even during pregnancy. But in fact, it is not so safe to sunbathe during pregnancy, as all of us may seem at first, as the unaided eye says. Let's try to consider in more detail, to what very real negative changes in the body of the future mother and her child can, in the end, lead such an excessive love for a strong tan.

First, at the very time when you are sunbathing, the risk of a sudden increase in body temperature is incredibly high, like that of a future mother, so actually her child growing up in the womb. And in the event that such a rise in body temperature after the beach lasts for a long time, then, unfortunately, it can quite provoke cardinal brain damage in your fetus.

And secondly, certain hormonal changes taking place in the body of a pregnant woman, in conjunction with active sunlight, may well provoke the sudden appearance of ugly pigment spots directly on the body of a future mother. So the tan may well turn out to be spotted.

And, thirdly, even an artificially created tan with the constant use of certain creams or lotions especially for tanning is highly not recommended to all pregnant women. And the thing is that usually in these creams there is dihydroxyacetone, which is easily absorbed directly into the skin and with the same ease it penetrates the placenta directly to the fetus growing in the womb of the mother. But the overall effect on the development of the fetus of this component can not be affected in the most favorable way.

As for the use of solarium, then, as well as just on the beach, you should always take into account all the security measures, because the risk of sudden overheating is incredibly high. Numerous studies have nevertheless proved that moderate exposure to ultraviolet radiation directly for the fetus does not represent a real danger. It is about this usually say all manufacturers of new-fangled sun decks. But! Agree, because a child perceives this world only through the feelings of his future mother. And this means all that is good for his mother, it will be good for a baby growing under the heart. Therefore, give advice for all pregnant women - try to have fun without extreme.

In addition, never forget that excessive exposure to sunlight, especially if you stay too long in the scorching sun, stimulates a sharp aging of your skin and even the development of dangerous cancer.

sunburn during pregnancyAnd, of course, on the basis of all of the above, let's note that for any pregnant woman (naturally healthy and without any complications of pregnancy) a safe tan is quite acceptable, however only in cases where a prolonged stay under direct sunlight will be completely excluded. And therefore, try to always sunbathe the sutra not under the soaring and debilitating sun, but, for example, under the trees or in the shade. At the same time, try to take into account the time spent on the beach and sunbathe only in safe hours. Definitely do not bring your pregnant body to some heavy overheating, and be sure to drink as much pure water as possible. A pregnant woman must necessarily use sunscreen, and with the highest possible level of their safety against any harmful effects from sunlight.

In addition to all this, with any slightest changes in your body after some stay in the sun, as well as with slight indispositions or with fever, you should immediately contact your doctor.

Try to be as attentive to your body as possible, take care of yourself and, of course, your future baby!