Rovamycin during pregnancy

Rovamycin during pregnancyIt's no secret that Pregnancy is the time when a woman experiences one of the most joyful and even tremulous stages in her life. However, at the same time, this, of course, is also one of the most critical and dangerous stages in life, as the future mother will now have to think not only about the health of her beloved, but, of course, about the health of the future baby who soon to be born. So during pregnancy, any woman can definitely and even should refuse many different products that she did not neglect before pregnancy and does it, of course, in favor of the baby. As you understand, any woman would like to keep her body after pregnancy as healthy as possible, so that in the future the baby is also born as tight and healthy as possible.

However, under today's conditions of our modern life, not all women will go through this simple period of pregnancy, having never failed to get sick. Especially in those cases, if this period will coincide with the autumn or even the winter season, when all of humanity is literally attacking a variety of viral diseases, often growing even into global epidemics.

Often, women who are carrying a baby who have not managed to protect themselves from any disease, possibly requiring further medical treatment, are trying to prescribe an antibiotic like Rovamycin. And here there are just a lot of real questions such as: but will not this medicine harm the fetus? Or to accept or still refuse to take such a medicine? Is there any alternative to this method?

I must say that, of course, none of the antibiotics (and indeed any other drugs) can not be considered absolutely effective and safe if it is taken during pregnancy. And in order that the doctor himself decided to prescribe a future mother for any of the drugs, you need something for the most weighty real reasons. So actually and Rovamycin to pregnant women, it is possible to prescribe only for certain real indications.

So, Rovamycin is the strongest antibiotic, which, according to the authoritative statement of modern medics, at the moment can be one of the most effective and that is not unimportant one of the safest antibacterial drugs used during pregnancy. And it should be noted that the spectrum of action of this drug is incredibly wide. Also, this drug is used in the treatment of infections in the airways (including in the treatment of pneumonia), as well as skin or even soft tissues - and up to the treatment of various infections of the genitourinary system. And it should be noted that if in the period of pregnancy physicians are still prescribed to women Rovamycin, then immediately during breast-feeding the drug is simply contraindicated. It happens because this drug is able to excrete with breast milk and, accordingly, can be extremely dangerous for your little baby.

I must say that most often doctors prescribe Rovamycin to pregnant women for the treatment of such a disease as ureaplasmosis. As you probably know, ureaplasmas are very small microorganisms that can cause secretive dangerous sexual infections. And in the event that they are not dealt with in a timely manner, there is a real risk of premature delivery for a pregnant woman. In addition, these microorganisms can also provoke various inflammatory processes not only in the mother, but sometimes her future child. The same drug as Rovamycin is a very specific antibiotic capable of actively fighting with ureaplasmas, created especially for pregnant women. Doctors are usually unanimously convinced that any antibiotics to women during pregnancy of crumbs will be better avoided. But at the same time, doctors note that questions about the harm and benefit of such treatment should be considered, as they say from two sides. So ureaplasmosis can definitely be more dangerous for the future baby, than its treatment, and even antibiotics. However, only to decide whether to take any of the antibiotics, you need a firmly confirmed diagnosis. And for this, as you understand, you need the most thorough examination and, accordingly, a variety of tests, and only then - it's already a question of consenting to treatment with Rovamycin.

It should be noted that an antibiotic such as Rovamycin is incredibly widely used and with various rather dangerous ENT diseases. Doctors usually argue the choice of this antibiotic in the treatment of infections in the respiratory tract in pregnant women in that it is this drug is even more than other drugs, the degree of safety. And the safety of this particular drug is confirmed in official clinical trials. However, we can not say that doctors say that in addition to its therapeutic effect, Rovamycin can rarely cause any gastrointestinal disorders.

But in many European countries it is this antibiotic that has been used for more than thirty years to treat such a disease as toxoplasmosis. Recall toxoplasmosis - a disease that can be very dangerous during pregnancy. And it is very easy to get infected with toxoplasmosis, it is possible, simply by eating the previously infected meat, or we say for other contact with sick animals. Doctors say that if the infection that occurred in the first trimester of pregnancy has no dangerous consequences for the fetus, then, unfortunately, in the second trimester the probability of obtaining congenital toxoplasmosis increases dramatically, and practically up to 20%. The real consequences of this disease for the future baby can become such dangerous conditions as epilepsy, blindness, and even mental retardation. It should be remembered that in such cases, the appointment of Rovamycin to pregnant women can dramatically reduce the risks of transmitting such a disease as toxoplasmosis to a newborn child. And in the first trimester of pregnancy, the risk reduction will be from 25% to 8%, and in the second trimester of pregnancy - from 54% to 19%, respectively, in the third trimester of pregnancy, from 65% to 44%.