Pruritus in pregnancy

Itching of the body and intima during pregnancy

Pruritus in early, late pregnancyPruritus during pregnancy is not uncommon. And it can arise not only in the limbs or trunk region, but also in the most secluded corners of the body. Than it threatens the future mum and the child, what are the reasons of an itch during pregnancy?

The so-called vulvovaginal itch, it is this name that officially carries those unpleasant sensations in the field of the labia and vagina, has 3 common causes:

  • an infectious agent;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • entropobioz.

If any pathogen causes a symptomatology, burning and itching in the vagina during pregnancy are usually accompanied by the appearance of unusual vaginal discharge. So, with vaginal candidiasis (thrush) - a thick, curdled white discharge with a pronounced acidic odor. With trichomoniasis, usually green discharge and itching during pregnancy, and with bacterial vaginosis - gray or whitish, but necessarily with a sharp smell of rotten fish. All these diseases are dangerous because pathogenic pathogens can damage the fetal bladder, which will lead to its premature rupture.

If the results of smears are normal, the doctor may suspect a dermatological problem. In the absence of rashes, the presence of an allergen is suspected. The woman is recommended to remember - did she start recently, before the itching appeared in the intimate area during pregnancy, use new wet wipes, deodorant, toilet paper, soap, etc. If this is so - you just need to abandon this allergen and all soon will pass. This is not dangerous.

If there are any rashes, while genital herpes is excluded, as a gynecological problem, the dermatologist deals with the treatment. A rash can occur with psoriasis, fungal skin lesions, red planar lichens, seborrheic or contact dermatitis, erythema, as well as diseases such as Behcet's disease and lupus erythematosus. By the way, with the same diseases, there is a strong itching of the body during pregnancy, that is, not only the sexual organs are affected.

Less often the problem can consist in an enterobiosis. In this disease, pinworm can easily move from the anus to the vagina.

Accordingly, what and how to treat the itch during pregnancy depends on the disease. And for its diagnosis, most often, it is not enough to have a single examination of a doctor, a survey is necessary.

Of course, this phenomenon is unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous, but no less disturbing is itching itching when a woman is pregnant. The cause may be the manifestation of allergic dermatitis - it's not scary, or a reaction to vitamins in tablets, but in a few percent of cases the situation is more serious. This is when itching during pregnancy in later periods (most often in the last four weeks before childbirth) is caused by liver pathology - cholestasis is called this disease. It is due to hormonal changes in the body. And in mild cases it is manifested only by skin irritation. In more serious cases, jaundice joins. The best treatment in this case is delivery. Difficult situations - this is when there is an itch in the early stages of pregnancy, in the most severe cases a woman is induced to have an artificial abortion or causes premature birth.

Precisely because of possible serious consequences, every future mother should inform the doctor about any seemingly small things, which often include an itch.