Protein in urine during pregnancy

Protein in urine during pregnancyAs we all know, during pregnancy, every woman has to take an incredible variety of different tests. It must be said that it is not for nothing that these analyzes provide an excellent opportunity to identify in time any possible threats, both for the fetus and for the mother.

But such threats can be formed in connection with the development directly in the mother's body of some not very favorable conditions for the baby or even diseases. So it is quite usual for a pregnant woman to become, and a weekly urine test. I must say that it is this analysis is considered one of the most informative and even vital.

So, for example, the presence in the urine of a pregnant woman of certain individual substances - for example, protein - which should not be there at all, can become one of the very first signals to the adequate actions of certain specialists.

So, for example, a protein found in the urine during pregnancy may be a warning signal because in the norm it really should not be there. Possible, except that very slight fluctuations of such indicators, for example, due to the very significant loads on the mother's kidneys, which occur during the gestation of the future baby.

It is known for sure that the bearing of the future baby simply doubles the load literally on all internal organs and, of course, the mother's vital systems. After all, now all the organs and systems will have to protect not only their "mistress", but also a very small life, already actively growing in it. So actually the urinary system at this particular time will work literally with a double load. For example, the kidneys will now remove toxins and other products of decay not only of the mother's organism, but also of the organism of the future baby.

And in this case, if the kidneys with such a function do not quite cope, for example, because of any acute or chronic inflammatory processes already taking place directly in the urogenital system of a woman, then in the analysis of urine pregnant and will appear protein. It is worth saying that all inflammatory processes may well be the real consequence of the woman's behavior, which does not quite correspond to her new status. Or let's say a woman's frivolous attitude towards her own health.

Sometimes similar changes in the analysis may well become a kind of result of long chronic kidney diseases, for example, with which many women faced before the onset of pregnancy. So, the protein itself in the analysis of urine during pregnancy, especially in much larger than what is generally considered an absolute norm, amounts, can be a real symptom of the development (or even exacerbation of already existing) of certain diseases in a future mother. So it can be and a cystitis, a pyelonephritis, or even glomerulonephritis.

It should also be said that a sharp increase in protein in urinalysis in medical practice is commonly called proteinuria. And in those cases, if at the next scheduled visit to your doctor and, of course, the delivery of the next urinalysis in this analysis, the protein was found to be too high, then you will have to conduct the corresponding analysis several times and even regularly. And only in this way, you can have a real opportunity to monitor the dynamics of such a change in protein levels in urinalysis.

And also you will help to determine to your doctor whether such a sharp increase was simply "one-off" or vice versa, which is permanent and more dangerous. After all, it is the protein found in the urine during pregnancy, it can very well be really revealed only once. It happens, say after suffering severe psychological stress, or after physical stress, and also after taking certain individual medicines. Protein can increase and if the day before in the diet of the most pregnant woman was present too much normal protein food.

It must also be said that it is quite possible to provoke the appearance of the so-called proteinuria manifested during the gestation of the future baby, and quite certain diseases. First of all, among them - of course diabetes, as well as a disease like hypertension, or congestive heart failure. Various kidney or urinary tract infections can contribute to protein enhancement, and in addition to polycystic kidney disease.

But here is really the most dangerous and complex condition with which, in general, then there may be a sharp appearance of protein in urinalysis during pregnancy, physicians call gestosis. This condition is typical only for pregnant women - so immediately after a normal delivery and, of course, the appearance of a baby, all its symptoms completely disappear. The danger of such a condition as gestosis is also that often a pregnant woman herself may not even suspect about his initial development. A woman can not even feel any real changes in her body at all. And then the only evidence of an extremely dangerous and even threatening condition may be the appearance of protein in urinalysis during pregnancy.

At the moment, gestosis is called renal pathology, which, as a rule, can ultimately lead to a sharp disruption of the functions of the placenta. And not only does the placenta in such a situation cease to fulfill its protective function and becomes unable to protect and protect the future child from various negative influences, so the baby himself can stop receiving all the nutrients necessary for his development and maintaining health and, of course, oxygen. In this case, all this may well end in a strong slowing of the development of the fetus, and even provoke the so-called premature birth or even lead to the birth of a dead baby.

Protein in urine during pregnancyIn addition to the sharply increased protein in urine tests, other symptoms of gestosis may also be an increase in blood pressure, and even the appearance of severe swelling. Sometimes, gestosis may require mandatory and prompt hospitalization with medication intervention.

So, for example, to treat gestosis, a woman can be sent to inpatient treatment, where she will be provided with practically constant control. After all, sometimes gestosis that occurs directly in late pregnancy, in general, can be a direct indication for active stimulation of preterm labor. And sometimes it is this step that becomes practically a vital necessity for the sake of saving life as a mother, in fact, as a child.

However, to say that increasing the protein in urine tests during pregnancy becomes too anxious or a hopeless symptom at all. It is quite possible to judge something only if the complete diagnosis has been carried out more than once. And also in the event that the analyzes were carried out in parallel with the accurate monitoring of the daily indications of the arterial pressure of the pregnant woman.

Do not forget to keep an eye on the fact that immediately before the collection of urine for analysis, the most pregnant woman was fully and adequately hygiene of all external genitalia. After all, sometimes when the dishes in which urine samples were originally collected were not guaranteed to be clean and completely suitable for such an analysis, the results may be erroneous.