Pregnancy with a small uterus

Pregnancy with a small uterusVery often the future mother is diagnosed with a "small uterus". Is it possible to conceive, give birth, take out a healthy child with such a problem? The answer read in our article.


One of the reasons for the inadequate size of the uterus is the illness that the woman suffered during her adolescence. After all at this moment genitals and genitals are formed. Also, if you are fond of diets, and do not get enough tedious and nutritious substances, there is such an outcome. Another reason for the inadequate size of the uterus is a malfunction in the hormonal cycle of a woman.

How much is this?

It is known that the size of the uterus changes after the appearance of a baby. In women who have not yet delivered, the uterus is much smaller than those who have already given birth. Yes, and do not forget that the woman all the organs are proportional. When a woman has a small height and weight, the size of the uterus will be small. Therefore, the size of your uterus, doctors can be considered inadequate for women with a higher body structure.

And what about motherhood?

Doctors worry about women with small uterus sizes during their pregnancy. But the statistics says, if you do not have a small uterus size and there are no more deviations in the development of genital and reproductive organs, a greater probability of giving birth to a healthy child. It happens that women learn about the size of the uterus, after the birth, when everything happened with great success. So, small size of the uterus is not the biggest problem for expectant mothers.

Pregnancy with a small uterusNow about the dangers

Not a large size of the uterus is accompanied by insufficient development of the genital organs and then it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive treatment. One of the main problems with the size of the uterus is the twisting of the uterine tubes, which can lead to an ectopic pregnancy. Miscarriages can also occur. Therefore, you need to go through consultations with your doctor during pregnancy and after childbirth.


When the cause is due to a problem hormonal background, it means that you need to take different hormonal medications, but do not forget to consult a doctor. To prepare for the hormonal recovery of the small uterus, you need to go through the preparatory stage - vitamins. When you are still young and have not yet given birth, doctors do not recommend taking hormonal drugs, trying to get by with vitamins.

Also, the size of the uterus can be increased with the help of a gynecological massage. His principle is that a professional doctor does massage the uterus, the reproductive organs from the outside and from the inside. With such a massage, blood circulation is stimulated, and the work of the intestines improves. Proper massage to the body can never cause harm, while the uterus can grow no more than two centimeters, which happens very often.

Do not forget that your health is in your hands and the way you subconsciously think about it has an influence not worse than even drugs.

So do not be sad if you can not get everything right as you want, better direct all the energy to gain more confidence in your own abilities. Precisely I say, it's worth it.