Pregnancy and the bus

Pregnant on the busIf the bus will be comfortable, the journey will be wonderful, in other cases - endless and boring.

Good sides of the bus:

  • you can walk, because there are stops on the road;
  • not always, but there are built-in toilets, VCRs, air conditioners, seats with a pillow;
  • You can enjoy beautiful views through the window;
  • affordable and cheap, ticket prices.


  • in the cabin can be cold because of the air conditioner, so take with you a road blanket or warm clothes;
  • there is no possibility to sleep, in principle it is possible, but very uncomfortable;
  • very rarely can be seat belts;
  • It is necessary to sit in a narrow chair for a long time in a sitting position.

If there is no seat number in the ticket, then it is best to arrive at the station in advance in order to get on a convenient place.

Take the first aid kit and necessary accessories with you to the salon, and place the rest of the cargo in the trunk.