Polinazine during pregnancy

Polinazine during pregnancyThe most magical of all life periods - this is certainly the period of bearing your baby and also preparing for the soon emergence of this very little miracle. However, this period can often be complicated by some extremely unpleasant and even painful diseases. As a rule, for many pregnant women such troubles can often become any infectious diseases of the vagina or just a violation of its microflora or the same candidiasis, and it is also known to all thrush. And any of these health disorders can not only be accompanied by very, very unpleasant symptoms, but they can also carry certain dangers for your future baby.

So, for example, the presence of a banal thrush in the mother is clearly undesirable to her baby. After all, immediately upon appearance to this world, it will advance or "travel" with extremely inflamed and infected generic ways, and this is something more than extremely undesirable for him. And therefore, with different infectious diseases and thrush definitely need to fight in advance, and often as a means to combat these doctors will be able to prescribe pregnant women a drug such as Polizhinaks.

At once we will notice that Polizhinaks is a fine antifungal, and as well as antibacterial antibiotic, and it is the combined type. Usually this drug is produced in the form of candles, by the way, which will have to be injected daily into the vagina just before bedtime, naturally in the presence of certain specific diseases. But with the preventive purpose, a course of administration of this preparation can be prescribed, which can last exactly six days, of course, if Polizinaks should be used as a definite treatment, then the duration of its use can be about twelve days. Modern specialists call Polizhinaks a powerful treatment, and an excellent preventive tool that helps to get rid of quite serious inflammatory diseases in the vagina. Actually, this is usually confirmed by many patients who have already completed their full course of treatment with Polizhinax.

So women usually note that this drug is able to eliminate the most unpleasant symptoms of the disease and to cope as effectively as possible with various disorders of the vaginal microflora. However, if in the usual before the pregnant state this drug is not serious to you and any consequences of using the drug for a woman can be only in a positive way. That's to know for sure what kind of action he can have on her, while she is preparing to become a mummy, and besides on the growing inside of her is a very small new organism?

And in spite of the fact that such a preparation as Polizhinaks is originally a preparation of local action, and it does not practically get into the blood, it is absorbed from the surface of the vagina, during pregnancy it can be prescribed nevertheless with extreme caution and caution. And this is explained, first of all, by the fact that a sufficient number of clinical studies have not yet been carried out with respect to the components of Polizhinax, which could indicate its absolute safety for both the future mother and her baby. Moreover, the composition of this drug includes extremely unwanted, and even really toxic substances for the embryo - this is primarily neomycin and polymyxin. And, despite this, very many doctors still consider it necessary to prescribe to pregnant women exactly Polyzhinaks as an excellent healing agent. And, of course, in such cases, it can be used exclusively by the strictest recommendations of the doctor and under his strictest control.

At the very early term of pregnancy, Polizhinaks is generally categorically contraindicated, as actually and practically all other of the medicines. But a little closer to the date of birth use it as a necessary and extremely effective medication is completely allowed. In addition, many doctors are very fond of him because his use can give an incredibly fast and maximum reliable effect. In addition, the candles of Polizinaks can be used right before the birth itself, literally almost in the very last days. This drug is extremely quick to be able to normalize the microflora of the vagina and in addition it will be able to eliminate the threat of fungi for your future baby.

And, of course, whether to make your choice in favor of treatment with such a drug as Polizhinaks during pregnancy, it can be solved uniquely exclusively by the pregnant woman herself and, accordingly, her treating doctor. Although this drug was not recommended for use during the gestation period of the future baby, many specialists are still absolutely confident that the threats from infections in the vagina can far exceed the hypothetical threats that have not been confirmed, but, unfortunately, and not disproved, from the use of Polizhinaks. However, if a pregnant woman categorically does not want to risk unnecessarily using this drug, she always has a real opportunity to simply abandon the standard treatment with Polizhinax and, for example, ask her doctor to replace this medication with some other drug. Fortunately, for today the range of available antifungal and antimicrobial agents for use locally, which are officially approved for use during the course of pregnancy, is incredibly wide, so be sure there is indeed something to choose from.