Planning an ivf? ask a lawyer!

The procedure of in vitro fertilization entails not only financial and time costs, but also strong emotional experiences. To reduce their degree, beforehand clarify for themselves the most important legal issues.

1. Can I do IVF for free?

The right to conduct a free IVF procedure is available to any woman who is a citizen of the Russian Federation and has an MHI policy. However, you can not just go to a medical facility and just ask for IVF. First you have to prove that you really can not get pregnant naturally: determine the causes of infertility and undergo treatment. This can take from 9 to 12 months. Only then, if it is determined that the treatment did not help, you will be able to realize your right to conduct an IVF procedure at the state expense.

2. What do I need to do to get a quota for IVF?

You should contact a medical organization that has the right to provide obstetrics and gynecology services (that is, have the appropriate license). You will be assigned a survey, after which you need to contact a special commission (information about it can be obtained from the medical facility where you underwent examination). It will decide whether or not you need an IVF procedure. This decision must be passed by the commission within the period established by law. For example, for the Moscow region it is equal to 30 calendar days. By the way, in some cases your doctor or medical commission of a medical organization can do it yourself - without your participation! - to transfer the necessary documents to the commission of the subject of the Russian Federation.

3. Can I take a sick leave for an IVF procedure?

Yes, for IVF, you can make temporary incapacity for work, that is, take a sick leave. Moreover, the sick list is issued not only directly for the period of IVF, but also includes the stages of examination and obtaining the results.

4. Do I have to warn the employer about the planned IVF procedure? It's no secret that they are not enthusiastic about the maternity leave.

If you find it necessary, then, of course, you can warn the employer in advance that you are planning an IVF procedure. Nevertheless, the law does not oblige you to do this. The boss can find out about your plans when you have a sick leave sheet on hand. With this document, you should not be afraid of possible dismissal or any other negative consequences.

5. Can I return some of the amount spent on IVF? What do I need to do for that?

After undergoing IVF, you can use social tax deduction if the payment for the treatment and the purchase of medicines were made by the patient or her husband.

To do this, you need to submit a completed tax return to the tax office at the place of registration with copies of the documents confirming your actual expenses.

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