Oil from stretch marks during pregnancy

About 50%, and even more, of women, are familiar with this flaw, not by hearsay. But if you choose a good high-quality tool. caring for the skin, it is possible not only to prevent the manifestation of such trouble, but also to eliminate the already formed scars-stretch marks.

One such means is oil. However, there are a lot of them, and which one to choose?

Oils from stretch marks with bearing

Struggle against stretch marks with the use of oils has existed for a long time, but our mummies and grandmothers used corn, olive, sunflower, linseed oil most often. at the present time in cosmetology or in the network of pharmacies can be given a huge selection of funds that are designed specifically for the care of skin integuments, then do not rush to take the first jar that you liked, which you liked the smell, appearance.

Oils have the ability to exert different effects on the skin, but the future woman in labor is not allowed to use all the oils.

The organism of pregnancy for nine months undergoes great changes - the rapid growth of all tissues and the effect of hormones makes itself felt. The abdomen and and mammary glands also do not lag behind, they actively increase in size and provoke stretch marks. Pregnant, alas, not all oils are suitable for eliminating this skin imperfection. It is necessary to choose the most effective, sparing and most importantly safe means.

Oils are an excellent choice for moisturizing the skin of the skin, they help to prevent the occurrence of striae, and also help to get rid of the already existing ones. The main advantage of this choice is that it is entirely natural.

Natural Oils

natural oils from stretch marks

Natural Oils - это один из методом устранения растяжек. Масла:

  • Olive - the most in demand. It is useful for the body as a food supplement, and it is also a very good skin moisturizer. it contains oleic acid, which provides the remedy with healing properties when removing stretch marks. Getting deep into the skin layers, oil perfectly nourishes, saturates the cells with the necessary mineral nutrients and vitamins.
  • Sea-buckthorn. It contains carotenes, linoleic, as well as oino-phenolic acid, bioactive nutrients, vegetable fats, vitamins, aminomolecules, which enables it to maintain the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.
  • Almond. This remedy is safe for caring for the skin throughout the entire period of gestation. Vitamins F, E, A and B of the group, microelements provide stimulation of collagen and elastin production, are responsible for the restoration of lipid-water balance and skin cells, and biologically active nutrients strengthen it and minimize the risk of stretch marks.
  • Coconut. Copes with stretches, which appeared recently. This remedy for pregnant women is completely safe. It contains vitamin E. It protects the skin structure from degeneration and atrophy. Skin by using this oil becomes elastic, soft, equal even.
  • Apricot. The remedy and regenerating and toning abilities, also it can be used by small children and women in the period of bearing with any type of skin. However, it naturally moisturizes the skin, maintains its elasticity. The oil is obtained from an apricot kernel, in which there are vitamins such as F, C, A.

Cosmetic oils

Due to the high concentration of useful components, cosmetic oils, which are derived from vegetable raw materials, are also highly effective in eliminating stretch marks.

  • "Jonosonos Baby". This product perfectly restores, tones up the skin, saturates it with moisture, provides cellular stimulation and cell regeneration. This remedy can be combined with other fats and oils of vegetable and whole natural origin. with this purpose it is recommended to mix this product with butter, for example, apricot kernels or olives.
  • Weleda. This oil perfectly nourishes the skin, prepares the outer part of the skin for increased stresses, which are associated with the physiology of the future parturient. in the basis of the oil - vegetable fats of wheat germs with the addition of almonds and arnica flowers. getting through the pores, active nutrients almost instantly begin their action.

Essential oils

This type of oil is even more effective in dealing with the problem in question than organic fats. But it is necessary to use the esters very carefully, because in their pure form they are capable of provoking a chemical burn, and when bearing not all of them are allowed to use, there are reasons for this.

A couple of drops of essential oils need to be added to your funds. caring for the body. This significantly improve the healing properties of the base you use, and at the same time help get rid of the very rich and sharp smell of ether.

At the heart of the ether can be kefir, yogurt or honey. Clay blue, seaweed (for masks) can also be used.

For example:

  • orange oil - it has many vitamins C, B, and A. It provides cell repair.
  • anise - normalizes the water-fat skin balance;
  • pink - provides skin hydration, helps to increase the elasticity of the skin, provides a reduction in stretch marks, which are already available.
  • ylang-ylang - promotes the formation of new skin cells and their division;
  • Sandalwood - removes flabbiness on the skin, excellent tones.
  • juniper - we make the best blood circulation, well tones up.

Oils that should be avoided during pregnancy

oils harmful during pregnancy

There are ethers, which when babies are allowed to be used, can be started to use only after consultation with the doctor, therefore among them have those advised to use very carefully (for example, rose or juniper oil).

Some oils can provoke a uterine contraction, which can provoke the onset of an early birth or miscarriage. While waiting for a child, you should stop using oil:

  • cedar;
  • soul;
  • rosemary;
  • parsley;
  • basil;
  • fennel;
  • ginger;
  • sagebrush;
  • nutmeg;
  • cedar;
  • sage;
  • mint.

Which of the oils are the most effective

There are a lot of oil, effectively eliminating stretch marks, but from the side of "pregnant women" special attention was deserved by such:

  • Cocoa beans. It contains triglycerides and amino molecules, which can significantly restore skin integuments, and fatty acids and esters can permanently maintain a stable structure of the skin. Excellent source of antioxidant substances. The tool does not even need to be connected with other components, since it is able to cope with the task assigned to score 5.
  • Almond. This remedy is highly effective as a prophylaxis, and also as a fight against strains that have already appeared. It is able to eliminate irritation, to feed the code with the most important vitamins. It can be used as an independent agent, as well as with other oils.
  • Calendula. A basic remedy that can very well soften and restore the skin, it is perfectly absorbed. You can use the tool at the earliest stages of gestation, this will help to prevent the appearance of such an undesirable problem.
  • Mirra - stimulates blood circulation, thereby preventing pro - responsible for stimulation of microcirculation in all tissues, tones and restores.
  • Melissa - due to the aroma, the likelihood of toxicosis will be lowered, also the oil is able to provide the elimination of itching, which is manifested during the formation of stretch marks.

Tips for using the tools

use of oils during pregnancy

That the oils that were used were much more useful, and the desired result was the maximum, it is recommended to observe such rules:

  • Oil is applied with massive, smooth movements to the problem areas, and on the hips you can use a weak pat and tingle.
  • Oils should be used every day, as for essential oils, they should be applied 1-2 times in 7 days.
  • when selecting oil, make sure that it does not provoke allergies. Before applying the product on a large area of ​​the skin, first make a small test on the pulse zone or on the elbow bend. If in the course of 12 hours there were no unpleasant feelings, then calmly apply the remedy.
  • purchased and already uncorked oils or those products that you yourself have created. store no more than two months in a cool place.

That the efficiency of the oil is strengthened. help:

  • food - rational and correct;
  • Applying oil to the skin after a bath or shower - so that the skin is moist;
  • physical activity - for example, swimming, fitness, walking.
  • local baths - if you just pour oil in the water, then it will not bring any positive effect, because it will simply float in the water. You must dissolve it in milk or honey. and after that add the mixture to the bathroom.
  • Oil compresses - they will help to remove the small stretch from the chest. You need to moisten the napkin in water with oil, and apply for a while (for about 730-35 minutes) on the chest. So do 3-4 times in 7 days.
  • wraps - they are able to provide the effect of the sauna, so the oil penetrates deep inside the skin.

Using oils to combat such unwanted stretch marks, do not forget that the expected effect can only be in case of regular procedures.