Nystatin in pregnancy

Nystatin during pregnancyVery often during pregnancy a woman complains about such an unpleasant disease as thrush. It seems to me that everyone has heard about this disease and everyone knows what it is. This fungal disease, which in intimate places provokes itching. Also, a woman does not feel comfortable, because of secretions and unpleasant odor. The disease is difficult to cure especially during pregnancy. After all, in this situation, you can not take medications.

However, in medicine, there is one drug that helps to cure thrush during pregnancy - it is Nystatin. Indeed, it is safe - many women ask this question. They do not understand who to believe - the instructions or the doctor. After all, the instructions say that you can not use it during pregnancy.

What can be Nystatin?

It's an antibiotic. It is available in three forms - ointment, suppositories and tablets. All kinds are applied depending on the case. On the use of nystatin ointment read here.

Indications for use

The drug well destroys Candida fungi. This fungus can be found on the kidneys, lungs, organs of the genitourinary system. Nystatin is also used for prevention when it is treated with antibiotics, which can cause candidiasis. He is also credited with improving immunity in depleted and debilitated patients.

Rules of application. Doses

Adults tablets are credited with two suppositories from 3 times a day. In a day, you need to apply 3 tablets, otherwise the expected result will not be. For children, tablets are attributed, depending on the height. If older than 13 years - a dose, such a yak and adults, less than 13 - a day twice for 1 suppository. Two weeks is the duration of the course of treatment. If necessary, it is repeated in half a month.

Ointment is used in case of fungal infection of the skin. Two times a day, a thin layer of ointment is applied to the skin part of the skin. Until two weeks, the course of treatment lasts. If necessary, then after 14 days it is repeated.

Candles, adults are credited in the same dose as pills. On the day, you can use a minimum of 3 candles, and a maximum of 6. Concerning children, the reception is the same as in tablets. The course of treatment lasts ten days, and is repeated, if necessary in fourteen days.

Side effects

As a rule, Nystatin does not cause them. But people who have increased sensitivity to the drug can be observed - chills, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea. If you have such symptoms, go to a doctor for advice, and find out if you can continue the course of treatment. Also, you have to do the same if you have an allergy to the drug.


It can not be used for children up to one year. Also do not recommend to use during pregnancy, peptic ulcer, pancreatitis, liver disorders.

Interaction with other drugs

They may be, but they are not fully explored. For example, Clotrimazole together with Nystatin is less effective. Therefore, a specialist's advice is needed here.

Nystatin and pregnancy

While there is no unequivocal opinion regarding pregnancy and drug. Even in the manual there is little disagreement about its application. Besides, that there it is written in black and white that pregnancy is a contraindication, just as it says:

"When you are pregnant, the drug can be used only when the woman's intended result exceeds the risk for the baby. In small amounts, the drug is absorbed, and no one knows if it is excreted together with breast milk. Therefore, with lactation, you need to know whether to stop breastfeeding. "

And as you want, and take the information. Of course, you can listen to your doctor. But you should know that this drug is ineffective, and therefore it is attributed to pregnant women with candidiasis, because it will not affect the fetus. That's just, will it help? If you choose between ointment, tablets and candles, then many recommend your attention to stop on the ointment. After all, because of topical application, it is effective and safer.

In such cases, there are other better drugs than Nystatin. Here, for example, candles with Pimafucine.

Remember one thing, Nystatin during pregnancy is strictly forbidden to take for the first time 3 months of pregnancy. At this time, you do not need to use medicines to fight candidiasis. Recommend only folk remedies, for example zelenok. It removes the fungus well, and does not break the mucous membrane.