Nolitsin in pregnancy

Nolycin during pregnancyIn the modern world, absolutely healthy people are almost never met, and it's not a secret. Recently, such a number of bacilli has divorced, and human immunity, and the ability to fight these bacilli, have been weakened so much that a huge list of sores and ailments of man is inexorably growing and flourishing. Of course, along with the growing number of human diseases, the assortment of the most diverse pharmaceutical products is constantly growing and growing. Naturally, in the modern world, the period of pregnancy is the most long-awaited period, but also the most unpredictable. Mother Nature was so conceived that during the period of the birth and subsequent development of a new life in the womb of the mother, the protective reactions of the female body decrease. It is necessary that the woman's brain does not reject that little new life (embryo), like some "foreign body to the body." But different cocci (we will include here staphylococcus, and strepto-, and gonococcus), salmonella, shigella, or chlamydia, as well as other gram-positive or gram-negative bacteria, as they say constantly, try to take advantage of the situation convenient for them and, making themselves felt woman "in all their glory." And even more so, it happens, if a woman before the pregnancy with them has "met" and not quite qualitatively from them was cured. After all, as a rule, even properly treated sores can again "revive" and it is during pregnancy, when the body is weakening. However, only now it will be much more difficult to treat these, since many important and necessary drugs for treatment, and among them antibiotics, are completely contraindicated during pregnancy.

In what cases can a pregnant woman Nolitsin be useful?

It is important to remember that if a woman had had cystitis before her pregnancy, possibly pyelonephritis, cervicitis, or endometritis, if she had gonorrhea, salmonellosis or shogellosis, it is very likely that one such sore was cured with such a drug as Nolycin. We made such an assumption, since it is this medicine that modern medics are prescribed for the aforementioned diseases. Recall that Nolitsin is a fairly potent antibiotic with the widest possible spectrum of action, which belongs to the group of fluoroquinolones. Most often this drug is produced in the form of tablet forms, but there are also eye or ear drops. As a rule, such drops can be treated with bacterial infections of the eyes or ENT organs. Naturally, Nolitsin kills only bacterial flora, sensitive to its effects, and most importantly, pathogenic microorganisms can not get used to this drug. Actually, it is this wonderful quality that this preparation differs from the vast majority of available antibiotics, to which practically all dangerous bacteria are able to adapt very quickly, making medicines completely ineffective. Note that the fluorine atom, which is contained in Nolitsin, is able to easily destroy even the most dangerous Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and yet it is today the most robust and resistant to the action of most modern antibiotics.
Usually take this drug as early as possible in the morning, and preferably on an empty stomach, an important condition - take the drug at least one hour before the upcoming consumption of food or after eating no earlier than two hours. Of course, only the doctor determines the correct dosage, again taking into account the type of diagnosed infection, and the general condition of the sick person. Most often, the total duration of treatment with this drug can fluctuate within such limits - from one to two weeks, but if necessary, the doctor can also insist on longer treatment with this drug.
Like any of the modern antibiotics, Nolitsin clearly has a number of possible not very pleasant contraindications and side effects, especially if you make a mistake in the dosage. So, unpleasant side effects can arise:
  1. First, on the part of the digestive system. Among those and nausea, and profuse vomiting, and frequent pain in the abdomen, sometimes diarrhea, or dry mouth.
  2. Secondly, on the part of the work of the human nervous system. Such effects can be manifested by dizziness, headache, hallucinations, insomnia, etc.
  3. Thirdly, on the part of the cardiovascular system. It will be manifested by arrhythmia, lowering of arterial pressure, tachycardia, etc.
  4. Fourth, on the part of the urinary system. Such side effects can be manifested by dysuria, or polyuria, and in some cases also by crystallography.
  5. Fifth, on the part of the musculoskeletal system of man.
In addition, it is quite natural that as a side effect, such a disease as candidiasis and a variety of allergic reactions (including skin itching, a rash called urticaria, and Quincke's edema, and more serious forms) may manifest itself as a side effect.

Contraindication to taking Nolycin - pregnancy!

The drug Nolitsin to pregnant women is contraindicated!
This is what the manufacturer's instruction to this drug says. And the thing is that the main active substance of Nolitsin is norfloxacin. It is a substance that is very good and the main thing is almost unimpeded able to penetrate all organs or tissues of the human body, including, of course, into the uterus. In addition, this active substance easily penetrates into the mother's milk of a woman who gave birth (actually, therefore, Nolitsin is contraindicated in women with lactation). Also, this substance can easily penetrate both the BBB and the placental barrier of a pregnant woman, immediately reaching the baby. However, until now, the effect of this drug on the course of pregnancy has not been thoroughly studied. Probably, that is why, because of the incompleteness of his study on the vital indications, Nolitsin may well be appointed a doctor to a pregnant woman, although with one strict restriction - he can be appointed only in the second half of the current pregnancy. nolycin indications for useNevertheless, today the cases when the woman has passed or have taken place the full course of therapy Nolitsinom, at all not suspecting about approach of own pregnancy, and as soon as has understood that is pregnant is not unusual - has there and then sounded the alarm. Of course, women in this situation may have only one reasonable question, how can this medicine affect the future baby? Many of the women who fall into such a situation, try to take even some kind of cardinal measures - so someone hurries to interrupt the pregnancy. Some of the doctors, and themselves, in similar situations, suggest that a woman go to an abortion. Nevertheless, there is a category of doctors who believe that the risks of the birth of an underdeveloped or inferior toddler (if the pregnant woman was treated with Nolitsin early) are incredibly low. And yet, in order to exclude the most gross anomalies in the development of the fetus, it is necessary to plan three or four times for the entire pregnancy to develop the crumbs by means of ultrasound, and for greater self-confidence, in the period from the 16th to the 20th week, the so-called triple test. Most importantly, in whatever situation you do not get - this is not to worry! After all, in fact, all that happens is the will of God. You just need to believe that everything will go well! And, of course, do not be ill!