No monthly test negative

If the pregnancy test is negative, and there is no monthly test

If the pregnancy test is negative, and there is no monthly testNo monthly, the test is negative and nothing hurts. Could the pregnancy be the cause of the delay, is it worth to see a doctor if the conception is possible in the opposite situation - when there were no sexual acts at all?

So, in case the pregnancy test is negative, and there are no monthly ones, we would recommend to repeat this home diagnosis 2-3 days later to clarify the situation. The fact is that in late ovulation tests, especially with low sensitivity (usually a low price), can show the correct result not from the first day of the delay, as the level of hCG increases gradually, and only beginning from 8-10 days after sexual intercourse.

Another option that can be done if the delay is monthly, the test negative - is to donate blood to HCG. Such diagnostics are more reliable than home diagnostics. You can pass this analysis without referring to a doctor in any paid laboratory, they are even in small towns. This analysis can give an answer not only regarding pregnancy, but also its term.

Another unpleasant situation is if there are no menstruation, the test is negative and it hurts the abdomen quite noticeably. Usually this is a harbinger of the early onset of menstruation. But it can also be a sign of some gynecological disease - uterine fibroids, inflammation of the appendages, etc. If the temperature rises simultaneously with the pain - it is necessary to visit the doctor urgently. On the other hand, the appearance of pain does not mean that there is no pregnancy, even on the test, only 1 strip. Sometimes the abdomen can be so sick with the threat of interruption of pregnancy in the early term.

A similar situation - if the test is negative, there are no monthly, but white discharge go, it can be as a sign that the woman will soon become a mother, as during pregnancy the amount of vaginal discharge increases, and the sign of a gynecological disease. Abundant white discharge with an acidic odor and combined with the itching of the genitals is a symptom of thrush.

It remains to find out what to do if there is no monthly and no pregnancy (confirmed by the analysis of hCG, ultrasound of the uterus). In this case, doctors are usually advised to wait a few weeks. If menstruation does not start and there is no obvious reason for such a deviation (for example, the onset of menopause, low weight), progesterone preparations may be prescribed, after which a menstrual reaction begins.