Mobile apps for future and young parents

Smartphones and tablets have long ceased to be a luxury and have become an integral part of life. With their help it is convenient not only to check mail and communicate in social networks, but also to monitor the development of your baby. Introducing the Top 10 Mobile Applications 1. Tips for "pregnant" dads

(developer SB Apps) application for the iOS platform

Real moral support for future dads! In a comic and confiding manner, the authors of the app explain how to turn the nine months of the wife's pregnancy into the happiest time in family history. The father of the family can enter the planned date of delivery and obtain a detailed description of the nature of the child, depending on the alleged sign of the zodiac. In the diary it will be convenient to record telephone numbers of doctors and put reminders of events: a joint visit to a women's consultation, the delivery of tests or going to the store for a baby cot.

Feature: you can create a gallery of photos that reflect the development of the fruit, and share them with friends in social networks.

2. Wobbles

(developer Sergey Segeda) application for the Android platform

Many gynecologists advise future mothers to count the movements of the baby. The program allows you to easily and easily observe the periods of activity of the future child, wherever you are.

Feature: you can track not only the number of shocks, but also their duration and nature - these data can come in handy when you visit a doctor.

3. Calculator labor - Labor Contractions Calculator

(developer Lopotun) application for the Android platform

Application for women who are on the last pregnancy. The calculator helps to determine the frequency and duration of fights and in time to understand when to go to the hospital. The program is incredibly simple: it is convenient to use, even when you are intolerably hurt.

Feature: you can find out the real bouts or false: the calculator calculates the average duration and the interval between them and displays the result on the screen.

4. Mother's Health - Mother Health

(developer Std Lab) application for iOS platform

Assumes the creation of profiles of mom and baby. In her own profile, the future mother will be able to make notes about weight, appetite, mood, etc. Pregnant women are offered a calendar of fetal growth for weeks, which is convenient to track the stages of its development. In the "Products" section you can order your favorite thing or see where it can be found, and also create your own shopping list. In the children's profile it is convenient to make changes in the growth and weight of the baby, his first words, make detailed notes in the diary. There is also a section of "walks" where the location of the mother with the baby is automatically marked, as well as a folder for storing photographs.

Feature: the appendix contains a large number of articles by pediatricians and gynecologists. The material that appears in the profile depends on your age and the age of the child - so you get only useful and necessary information.

5. Newborn Baby Timer - Newborn Baby Timer

(developer of Colorwork Apps) application for the Android platform

The program "reminder" for mothers of babies - helps to orient, how much time has passed since the baby slept, had breakfast or bathed. The timer allows parents to set a reminder for each action so that they do not miss feeding or taking the medication. The sound of the alarm clock is soft and unobtrusive - a piano melody or a lullaby, so that the child is not afraid and does not cry. In addition, the application reproduces several types of "white noise" to help the crumb calm down and fall asleep more quickly (rain, pouring water, ocean). The application is so simple that even a grandmother or grandfather looking after a child can use it.

Feature: there is a feeding indicator that shows which breast you fed the baby for the last time.

6. Feed the baby - Feed Baby Pro

(developer Penguin Apps) application for the Android platform

Program for monitoring the development parameters of a child up to five years. Weight, height, head circumference, meal time and medicines, diapers and bathing changes, notes on walks and developing activities with the baby - all these parents can contribute to the application. The data is automatically arranged in the form of graphs and diagrams. There is an opportunity to transfer the information to the computer so that they can be printed and shown to the pediatrician. The full version (paid) allows you to keep a diary for two children.

Feature: the synchronization function between several devices, thanks to which both parents are always aware of the state of the child: the data that the mother enters into the program, on his smartphone, immediately sees the dad.

7. Remote control

(developer Play Pad) application for the Android platform

A free program limits the time your child uses a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and does not allow running applications marked by parents. You can set the ban on sending SMS messages, outgoing calls and making purchases in the application store. With the help of the application, you can set up a schedule according to which your child will use the device only at certain hours, and also block several applications or the entire device.

Feature: you can remotely manage the settings, as well as track the location of the child (information is updated every 15 minutes).

8. Колыбельные: крепкий сон - Lullabies Relax & Sleep Baby

(developer Zodinplex) application for the Android platform

To the child quickly fell asleep, and his sleep was sweet and strong, use this program. You can also turn on the music after he plunges into half-asleep, and do other things. In the multimedia library of the application you are offered five melodies.

Feature: you can set a timer so that the melody stops playing when the baby falls asleep.

9. Radio-ninja

(developer Tappy Taps) application for Android and iOS platforms

The application will help the baby quickly fall asleep, while you do not have to worry about crumbs and do not run every minute to the crib. "Baby Monitor" will send a notification to any installed phone number as soon as it fixes a noise in the children's room. With the "event log" function, you will always be aware of how the night passed: the program records all sounds in the room and later can play them.

Feature: there is a function of recording the mother's voice, which can be set to automatically play: it will sound if the crumb awakes and cries.

10. Caring Owlet Baby Care

(developer By Owlet Baby Care) application for the iOS platform

Helps young parents keep records of feeding, changing diapers and sleeping time of the baby. And using a special smart sock with Bluetooth 4.0-sensor, which is put on the baby's leg, you can monitor the changes in oxygen levels in the blood, heart rate and body temperature of the child. The device also fixes the position of the crumb in the crib and signals the parents if it turns face down.

Feature: the application is in English and works only in the kit with smartnosochkom (cost - $ 250).

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