Mistaken pregnancy

Mistaken pregnancyThere is always a time when a woman wants to feel like a mother, to give the world one more beautiful life, thus, to realize its main purpose - to give birth to a baby. You can only attach what you need to relive, dreaming about the child. An erroneous pregnancy, which in medical and social circles is also called a false, imaginary pregnancy, is an unpleasant pathological condition. Many years ago, there were a large number of women who had an erroneous pregnancy. Today, due to medical technology, this number has been reduced.

According to experts, a false pregnancy, never occurs without emotional and psychological prerequisites. As a rule, with such a pregnancy, people who are emotionally unstable are confronted. This issue can concern not only women. However strange it may sound, men may also have symptoms of a false pregnancy.

Such a pathological condition as an erroneous pregnancy occurs in many cases against a background of strong irresistible desire to become pregnant. This is not uncommon in women who are at the age of 40 and suffer from infertility. Also, the cause of a false pregnancy can be a woman's fear of pregnancy and an unwillingness to give birth to a baby. They react sharply to everything, women with unstable psyche and who have lost a baby or have a bitter experience of miscarriage.

Today the brain is an organ that humanity has not yet learned. As women manage to "rebuild" his work, using autosuggestion to get the body's response to an erroneous and natural pregnancy - today remains a mystery. And the mystery is that an erroneous and natural pregnancy has the same symptoms: a future mother so wants to have a baby, that she has a delay of menstruation, toxicosis, a breast enlargement is felt, it is getting better, and the stomach can also grow. This phenomenon explains the physiological symptoms of auto-suggestion.

For example, a delay in menstruation can occur due to hormonal disorders that are associated with nervous and mental disorders. The abdomen begins to grow due to poor bowel performance. Some women at the time of mistaken pregnancy claimed that they felt the wiggling of the fetus. This is also explained by a violation of the bowels.

A false pregnancy is diagnosed by an internal examination of a woman: in the absence of pregnancy, there are no specific signs. In addition, imaginary pregnancy can be determined with the help of a pregnancy test - in a woman who is not pregnant, there is no hormone in the urine chorionic gonadotropin, because it produces a fetus, and it gives the result of the test. It may also be that a pregnancy test will show a pregnancy test. Then, to confirm the diagnosis, you need to undergo ultrasound examination, and if the situation is difficult - go through a biological and immunological examination.

The treatment of such a pregnancy depends on the situation, and on how this news will be perceived by a woman. It is not uncommon for such a diagnosis to become a real shock for her, so relatives and relatives need her help to go through this. You may also need the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist. They will help a woman overcome feelings of anxiety, guilt and anxiety. The main reason for this pregnancy is insidious "games". And in order to prevent this, you need to bring your own thoughts in order.