Mineral water in pregnancy

Mineral water is called water containing natural salts, trace elements and some other biologically active substances. Depending on the composition, they can be potable, therapeutic or intended for external use and inhalation.

If the water is intended for consumption inside, it is usually carbonated with carbon dioxide and bottled, sealing them tightly. Packed in this way, mineral water is one of the most popular and favorite drinks of all people. But is it so useful? Is it possible to use mineral water for pregnant women and how to choose it correctly?

Is it possible to drink mineral carbonated water during pregnancy?

There is no unequivocal opinion about the frequent drinking of mineral water by future mothers. It is believed that non-carbonated table water will not cause harm exactly. Properly selected mineral water will help to fill the deficiency of trace elements, if there is one. She also perfectly quenches thirst.

If a pregnant woman spends a little time in the open air and suffers from oxygen deficiency, she can recommend a special oxygenated water. This is a good preventive tool against fetal hypoxia. In addition, it increases vitality and immunity.

There are mineral water and unpleasant side effects. It is not recommended to drink with chronic gastritis and ulcers, especially if the disease is accompanied by vomiting and pain in the stomach. With caution, one should treat mineral water for future mothers suffering from diarrhea and pancreatitis. Any medicinal water with a high concentration of salts and minerals is prohibited in cholelithiasis, especially if the size of the stones is already more than 5 mm in diameter.

A lot of disputes arise about soda. Even if it is based on beneficial mineral water and there are no additives, carbon dioxide can harm the body. It creates bubbles, which, falling into the stomach, affect its normal contraction and functioning. The gas as if inflates the organ from the inside and can go out through the esophagus, provoking an unpleasant eructation in the future mother. If a woman suffers from heartburn, the pain and burning will intensify.

If the gas does not pass through the esophagus, but advances into the intestine, this is also not very good - there can be a swelling and disruption of the peristalsis. This condition threatens constipation or vice versa, a strong dilution of the stool. Therefore, future mothers should give preference to still water.

If you really want a soda, you can afford a little bit. It is necessary to monitor your health.

The effect on the body of mineral waters with a different complex of salts and minerals can also differ. Before choosing a drink for yourself, you need to analyze its composition. It is also advisable to consult with your doctor about this. If there is any doubt, give preference to morsels or compotes.

Which mineral water to choose pregnant?

What mineral water to choose pregnant

The ideal variant of the mineral water for the future mother is non-carbonated with a small amount of salts and other active substances. It is very important to pay attention to the qualitative composition:

  • Potassium-sodium salts are more useful in pregnancy, as these minerals contribute to the proper passage in the body of a variety of processes, for example, cellular metabolism and signaling by nerve fibers.
  • Chlorides in the mineral water can attract water, provoking edemas and increasing blood pressure in a future mother.

If a woman is healthy and does not suffer from a lack of any salts and elements, it is better to drink table water. In it the concentration of mineral substances is much lower. It is better to drink medicinal-table and table water after consultation with the doctor.

Do not buy artificially mineralized water. Often it is taken from a regular water pipe, cleaned and salt is added. To taste it does not differ from natural mineral water, but the properties can be quite different.

Easy table water in the first trimester helps many mothers get rid of nausea. But it's important not to drink too much - just a few glasses. Excess fluid may cause swelling. It is also important to drink not only mineral, but also simple clean water.

When choosing a mineral water for yourself, be sure to pay attention to the date of the spill and the expiry date, composition and purpose. It is better to drink water without gas or lightly carbonated.

Inhalation with mineral water during pregnancy

Inhalation with mineral water during pregnancy

Immune protection of a woman during pregnancy usually weakens, and this increases the risk of developing colds. Since the use of most drugs during this period is banned, you have to look for safe methods of treating cough and cold, for example, inhalation. They contribute to the liquefaction of mucus in the respiratory tract and facilitate the breathing of the expectant mother. This helps to prevent fetal hypoxia, so in most cases doctors treat this procedure positively.

For inhalation, it is recommended to use slightly alkaline mineral water, for example, such as "Borjomi", "Essentuki" or "Narzan".

If you only have carbonated water, the bottle must be opened and let out all carbon dioxide. You can also pour mineral water into another container and mix it well, releasing the gas. But completely it evaporates only after about 2 hours. It is desirable to conduct inhalation with a conventional saucepan, in which water is heated and breathes steam. The usefulness of the nebulizer in this situation is very doubtful, since it delivers the particles of liquid into the lungs, and we do not need water, especially with salts.


When pregnancy without fear, you can drink only non-carbonated table water in moderation. In other situations it is better to give preference to traditional compotes or fruit drinks. Inhalations with mineral water are allowed, but before they are carried out it is advisable to consult a doctor.