Low body temperature during pregnancy

It is during pregnancy that the woman's own health acquires a special color. Everything that is not appropriate to the norm, for various reasons, for women sometimes causes not even anxiety, but a real panic. Among such reasons is the body temperature, which, in scientific terms, is a complex indicator of a person's thermal state. The normal temperature is 36.6 degrees Celsius. Different deviations from this temperature in any direction, it is customary to refer to pathology. low temperature during pregnancy As life shows, the statement is fundamentally wrong and its indicators mainly depend on the individual characteristics of a particular person. In this case, the temperature from 36.0 to 37.2 ° Celsius are considered normal. According to medical observations, in a healthy person, the temperature changes during the day: it is low in the morning, rises somewhere 0.5 degrees by the end of the day.

The rise in temperature is observed after eating, drinking hot liquids, taking a hot bath, after smoking, under stress, for a long time in hot or stuffy rooms.
When measuring temperature, you should follow certain rules to obtain an accurate result:
  • The thermometer should be wiped dry with a towel;
  • a state of complete rest;
  • The temperature is measured no more than 5 minutes using an electronic thermometer, and
  • when using mercury - no more than 10 minutes;
  • after physical exertion, the temperature should be measured after 1 hour;
  • Avoid taking hot drinks before direct temperature measurement.
You should know that body temperature is measured in several ways:
  • in the armpit basin;
  • in the rectum;
  • in the oral cavity.
It should be borne in mind that the temperature indicators, with the latter two methods, will be observed higher by 0.5-0.7 ° compared with the indices obtained in the armpit. Usually in everyday life we ​​think about the temperature in the last place and especially when we are thrown into the heat or "freezes". A pregnant woman measures the temperature very often and without any reason. And, of course, fixes the inconsistency of indicators, which are either higher or lower than the norm. Is there a natural question, is it a norm or an explicit signal of ill-being? There is a lot of information on this subject in special sources, where it is written that a fever during pregnancy is a familiar phenomenon that does not at all signal something negative. But what about the situation when it is lowered? Medical workers say that low temperature is often an individual manifestation of the body, which does not manifest itself before and does not belong to dangerous factors. But sometimes, in pregnancy, low body temperature can be a sign of certain diseases. For example, an endocrinological disease such as hypothyroidism. In this case, the patient feels constant weakness, fatigue, drowsiness, puffiness. Naturally, in this case, a doctor's consultation is necessary. Also it is necessary to address to the endocrinologist if parameters of your temperature are at a level of 36,1-36,4 degrees. It will not be superfluous also to visit the therapist, who will conduct the examination, and if necessary, send it to a specific specialist. causes of low body temperature during pregnancy The low temperature is also noted when hypothermia. The condition refers to the pathological, the temperature is observed - 36,0 ° Celsius. If this temperature lasts for two days, then it can talk about health problems. It will be prudent to consult a doctor, as complications may occur. Among the reasons for the lowered temperature - colds, acute respiratory infections, toxicosis, lack of appetite, non-perception of odors, weakening of the immune system, which is the cause of the violation of body thermoregulation and nervous system exhaustion. Some women believe that the lower temperature leads and banal malnutrition. Adhering to the right and full nutrition can stabilize the temperature down. Low temperature is also observed with anemia, due to a decrease in hemoglobin in pregnant women. Mental and physical stress exert a negative influence on the body, as well as stresses, which also lowers the body temperature. Hypoglycaemia also leads to a lower temperature. Thus the pregnant woman feels strong weakness, dizziness, it is disturbed by a nausea and pallor of integuments is observed. It occurs, as a rule, with irrational nutrition or starvation, and can manifest itself as a sign of diabetes in the initial stage. When hypothermia you need an accurate diagnosis and specific therapy. When exhaustion, weakened immunity, the pregnant woman is recommended full-fledged nutrition, reduced loads, ordering the daily routine, taking vitamins, avoiding stressful situations. When anemia is recommended, the use of iron preparations for the replacement of hemoglobin. With severe hypoglycemia and thyroid problems, endocrinologist consultation and specific treatment under his supervision are required. Future moms often wonder what is the need for a regular temperature measurement? According to the doctors, this is not necessary. It becomes mandatory if the woman is unwell, if she has signs of ARVI and any pain. Be attentive to your health, especially during pregnancy, and it will not let you down.