Leukocytes in the urine during pregnancy

urinalysis during pregnancy on white blood cellsProbably, you already know that leukocytes are rightfully considered to be one of the most important constituents of our blood. Indeed, it is the whites from all blood cells that are responsible for the protective functions of the human body. In addition, there are several different types of leukocytes, which naturally fundamentally differ in their structure and functions from each other. However, in complex, they are all capable of taking the most active part in the entire work of our immune system. And besides this is the number of active leukocytes usually gives the doctor an opportunity to learn about the state of the protective forces of a particular human body, for which, as you understand, certain specific blood tests are carried out.

Such tests can become the most relevant for those women who have already entered during pregnancy. After all, according to the results of such analyzes, let's say, to determine the number of active leukocytes, experienced specialists will be able to establish in time any existing "malfunctions" occurring in the work of the organism of the future mother. And most often, to determine and check the quantitative value of leukocytes determined during the gestation of the future baby resort to a standard analysis of urine. It should be noted that the corresponding analyzes of any pregnant woman will have to take it regularly in a women's consultation, and already from the moment the pregnancy was determined.

It should be borne in mind that in the normal state the level of leukocytes determined in the body of a pregnant woman has already been slightly increased from the start - this is primarily due to an increase in the protective properties of the organism as a result of the too high antigenic load of which the organism of any future mother is exposed at this time. However, here is a sharp increase in the number of leukocytes themselves in the urine, first of all, can indicate the presence in the body of any serious disease. And that's why the regularly given tests for all pregnant women are so extraordinarily important.

It should be remembered that a timely increase in the amount of blood in the blood or in the urine of leukocytes provides an excellent opportunity to determine sometimes and with the help of additional tests with the reasons for their increase, that is, diagnose the disease and conduct timely and adequate treatment. However, it should immediately be noted that a slightly elevated level of the same leukocytes may well be found in female urine, say, because of banal inadequate or poor quality hygiene. And therefore, always before the delivery of standard analyzes it will be necessary to prepare accordingly and, of course, to conduct all the necessary "water" procedures as they say.

In addition to the presence of too high a number of white blood cells, the pregnant woman herself will be able to judge only by the color of the urine proper: in this case, as a rule, it becomes very turbid and sometimes even dark. In addition, urine may even drop out and mucous, and even a loose sediment. Such appearance of the analyzes can clearly indicate an increased index of the same leukocytes. And this means that if you do not take timely emergency methods to detect a dangerous source of the disease, then it may even be possible to develop a threatening condition - namely, leukocytosis. First of all, the danger of leukocytosis consists precisely in the fact that this disease develops usually extremely rapidly. Sometimes enough and only two or three hours for such a disease as leukocytosis actively developed in the body of a pregnant woman. It also happens that the development of this dangerous disease is preceded by sufficiently strong vaginal bleeding.

As a rule, it is possible to identify one or other of the diseases that could provoke a sharp increase in the quantitative composition of the same leukocytes in urine analysis, possibly only after additional and sometimes specific studies. By the way, who, only, the doctor will be able to appoint a pregnant woman in case of "bad" tests. Often, some increase in the quantitative composition of leukocytes may accompany certain inflammatory processes occurring in the urogenital tract. This may well be, for example, a banal cystitis or we will admit problems associated with the bladder. And only after the diagnosis is clearly established confirming the presence of precisely these problems, a pregnant woman may even have to undergo a full course of treatment. And we shall tell, at a cystitis he can make on the average about ten days. By the way, timely cured cystitis, and actually the treatment of this disease, as a rule, no serious dangers for your fetus can not represent.

Note that another extremely unpleasant and even irritating disease, which will definitely be accompanied by an increase in the quantitative level of leukocytes, there may well be a disease like candidiasis, or as it is called thrush in people. This unpleasant disease can occur in pregnant women much more often than we say in other women, and most often it can occur at the later stages of the current pregnancy.

In addition, an increase in the quantitative level of leukocytes in the urine may also indicate some problems with the kidneys in the pregnant woman herself. So one of the most dangerous diseases that could create a similar situation, doctors call such a disease as pyelonephritis. And of course, treatment of such diseases must be treated with all seriousness, and besides it is advisable to begin adequate treatment literally as soon as you learn about its presence, while the disease is still at its initial stage.

Leukocytes in the urine during pregnancyIt is worth noting that in each of the cases immediately after the discovery of any of the above diseases, treatment for pregnant women should be appointed in a strictly individual order. But this treatment may depend, first of all, on the timing of pregnancy, as well as on the sensitivity of the most discovered pathogen to specific medications. Sometimes it can happen and so that immediately identify the causative agent of the disease is not possible, or the usual local treatment can no longer give the desired effect to you. In such cases, pregnant women are usually prescribed more potent antibiotic therapy, which is carried out according to the standard scheme and, of course, taking into account your specific pregnancy period. Often in many of the future mothers, the appointment of a full course of antibiotics can cause some discontent and even anxiety. Some of these mummies even arbitrarily try to refuse treatment with such drugs as antibiotics, fearing the extremely negative effect of these drugs on the unborn child. However, it should be noted immediately that such a refusal to use the necessary drugs and, accordingly, the inflammatory processes that continue in the female body may well cause even greater damage to the future mother and her fetus, rather than adequate and timely treatment.

Diseases that progress in the body of any future mother may lead to extremely negative complications of pregnancy, and sometimes even up to its spontaneous interruption. Therefore, the qualified and important timely treatment of the disease, which caused the initial increase in the quantitative level of leukocytes during the course of pregnancy, is extremely important and simply vital. And it is necessary to avoid the most sad and even deplorable results, which such diseases can, quite be provoked.