Lays the ears during pregnancy

Lays the ears of a pregnant womanSomeone will say as if in an aquarium, as if in a tank, as if in an airplane, as if in a pipe, or just like under a hood ... the options are just mass. Yes, indeed, these unpleasant sensations of different pregnant women are always described in different ways, however, they are all very similar. And who would have thought that this is how the ears pawn during pregnancy, well, almost every second woman! And thus literally all of them describe the given problem very similar, only changing epithets. Often, stuffiness in the ears as it occurs, and disappears completely unpredictably or suddenly, and most often it happens in the hot season or simply in too stuffy and enclosed rooms, but for the most part this happens on the street, or with too sharp a change weather, and sometimes during the ascent, say on the steps or simply in the elevator.

Modern doctors express the most diverse assumptions and theories on this matter and, of course, offer only temporary measures for some relief of their condition. And let them completely get rid of a woman from such stuffiness in the ears during pregnancy is unlikely to succeed, you can be comforted, only that it is absolutely safe, and neither for yourself, nor for your baby.

Why usually lays ears during pregnancy?

Let's try to explain this unpleasant, but quite frequent phenomenon as easily as possible. So, it quite often can occur on the most different terms of the current pregnancy - as from the very first weeks or even days after its onset, until the very last days of pregnancy and even immediately before childbirth. During pregnancy, sometimes it can lay two ear at once or vice versa, only one. And what is most interesting is that most of the pregnant women suffer most often from just one right ear.

As you understand, most likely, the real reason for such an unpleasant condition may be actually Ms. pregnancy itself. It has long been known to medical professionals that it is during this critical period that a pregnant woman can almost constantly experience certain pressure changes, both in one direction (increase) and in the other (toward lowering), which often leads to such stuffiness of the ears. But most of all future mothers complain about the reduced pressure that occurs during pregnancy. Moreover, even if before pregnancy they experienced attacks of hypertension or did not experience any deviations from the norm of the accepted blood pressure. Also, the indirect cause of this condition can sometimes be too low hemoglobin in the blood, which also happens quite often during pregnancy.

Lays the ears during pregnancyTo such a temporary and unpleasant "deafness" rather than stuffiness, the physiological rhinitis that occurs in pregnant women can be quite likely: it is quite probable that exactly these two unpleasant phenomena can also be related to you.

However, you can not be so carefree completely, except for some other more dangerous reasons, absolutely not related to your current situation, so it's simply not possible to take risks. After all, among such can be, for example, formed for some reason ear plugs, which, by the way, ENT doctor can be virtually painlessly removed from your ears. And with the beginning of a cold, SARS, acute respiratory infections, or flu, this stuffiness of the ears that occurs during pregnancy is also the most common thing. Actually, that's why if you suddenly suspect that it was you who started to put your ears not only because of pregnancy, it would be better to be reassured in time by simply visiting an appropriate specialist and getting his exhaustive consultation.

On a mandatory basis, pay attention to your own weight, or rather, on the uniformity of its addition. Sometimes it happens that the ears will be pawned during pregnancy, if the pregnant woman is gaining, or too much weight, or too quickly recovering. Particular discomfort and unpleasant sensations in this case a woman is tested precisely during deep inclinations, for example, when a woman is trained or during some sharp movements or turns of her head.

What to do, if the ears abruptly lays during pregnancy?

In the event that you yourself think that this stuffiness of the ears was caused specifically by some leaps in blood pressure, then, naturally, you will need to somehow try to normalize it precisely. Probably, for today literally every pregnant woman has her own strictly individual and years-proven recipe for this. Someone will try to drink a cup of coffee, or strong tea, someone will eat a chocolate bar, and someone will arrange a rather active walk naturally all this with a slightly lowered arterial pressure, and you, for example, decide to apply some of their proven method.

It sometimes happens that the ears pawned very suddenly and very briefly, and then, literally in five minutes, this problem also suddenly disappeared, and in itself - that's all. Of course, in that case you do not need to do anything. But that's where it happens more often, so the ears pays constantly during pregnancy, and again and again and, sometimes even daily. For some time, some grandmothers, and modern tricks or tricks can help somehow ease this kind of situation. Let's share those with you.

sharply lays the ears during pregnancySo, with a sudden and extremely unpleasant stuffiness of the ears can help:

  • If you just swallow a little collected saliva, so that the sip would turn out to be great or if you just drink some water, suck the candy, in general, do something, from which you will have to do more swallowing movements.
  • If you open your mouth as wide as possible, as if you are now here, here you are going to yawn and stay in this position for a few seconds.
  • If you pinch your nose with your fingers, then try to exhale quite swiftly and rather deeply (or swallow again).
  • Some women with such a stuffy ears can perfectly help banal chewing gum with the most cool effect.
  • It will not be bad if you have the opportunity to lie down and take a nap. Well, or just try to lie down for at least a few minutes. Believe me, just being in a horizontal position, you have all the chances to get rid of such annoying stuffiness of the ears. Indeed, after accepting a horizontal position, many people have a problem on their own.
  • If you just bite something pleasant and loved by you.
  • If such a stuffiness of the ears was originally caused by the formation of sulfur plugs in the ears, it will be possible to poke a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide into your ear - no more than 2 drops, in each ear. However, it is better to contact a specialist for an ENT doctor, believe me, he will remove such sulfur fuses as quickly as possible professionally and the main thing is painless.
  • But with a blocked nose, the woman will have to try and wash the nasal passages as thoroughly as possible and, quite possibly, she will even have to apply the appropriate drops, naturally allowed by the doctors in the current period of pregnancy.

In any case, it will be better to ask your doctor - it is quite possible that he himself will be able to advise you something sensible, of course, depending on the cause of such zalozhennosti ears, and specifically you. And, of course, do not worry, remember this fate few people passed. This, of course, can cause quite a lot of discomfort, but firstly, after the birth, everything will go away by itself, and secondly - you agree it's not the worst thing in our life - you'll just have to suffer, and what can we do about it ...