Laparoscopy as a method of infertility treatment

Infertility is a very unpleasant diagnosis, but fortunately there is a modern medicine that provides an opportunity to eliminate this problem. Laparoscopy is one of the types of infertility treatment. How it works, our article will tell.

What is laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is the process of viewing the abdominal cavity by introducing an optical system into it. Laparoscopy is also called surgical intervention after visual examination. There is also a control laparoscopy - it monitors the result of the operative laparoscopy performed by visual inspection.

Laparoscopy as a method of infertility treatment

Laparoscopy is not an ordinary surgical procedure

There is a difference from conventional surgery from laparoscopy. At a laparoscopy the abdominal wall is minimally injured. For the operation, two small incisions are made: 5 mm and 10 mm. After the procedure, cuts are sewn very quickly and they are even useless. In a hospital the woman is - three days.

Laparoscopy and infertility

Infertility is caused by many causes. Some of them: endometriosis and adhesions (obstruction of the fallopian tubes). With such diseases of infertility, laparoscopy comes to the rescue.

Laparoscopy and infertility

With operative laparoscopy, it is possible to open impassable fallopian tubes, and if necessary - spend abdominal plastic of the fallopian tubes. Influence on the girl's internal organs is performed surgically, using an electric current about the laser.

Controlling the effectiveness of laparoscopy

It is necessary to carefully monitor the treatment of infertility by laparoscopy. Control goes like this: pour the solution of indigo carmine into the female uterine cavity. If the tubes are passable, the solution pours out into the abdominal cavity, this is a sign of successful laparoscopy.

When is laparoscopy prescribed?

It is necessary to carry out the examination by laparoscopy with an unexplained pregnancy. If the results of tests of a married couple are satisfactory, they actively have sex, but can not conceive a child.

The most important advantage of laparoscopy is the highest accuracy of examination results, with minimal surgical intervention. Also read: Peculiarities of pregnancy after laparoscopy.