Is it possible to do a pregnancy test before delay?

Is it possible to do a pregnancy test before the delay of the monthly

Is it possible to do a pregnancy test before the delay of the monthlyIs it possible to do a pregnancy test before the delay and get the correct result, because the instruction on the use of most diagnostic devices clearly indicates that the test should be done only in the case when the "planned" menstruation has not come. Whether the test will show the pregnancy before the delay will depend on many factors, including the period that passed after the fertilization of the egg and the individual characteristics of the organism. Below is considered when one can hope for an accurate result and whether it should be done at all, and also give advice on choosing a test.

When to wait absolutely no forces

If you want to determine pregnancy before the delay of menstruation, it can be done by indirect signs. Many women have chest pain, a fever, drowsiness and fatigue. Of course, these are indirect signs, and their presence does not yet indicate that you are in an interesting position. Precisely determine the pregnancy can be at home, having conducted an appropriate test, or in a polyclinic at a gynecologist's reception, having done ultrasound.

The first option is more suitable for many - it's enough to just buy a test strip in the pharmacy and collect the morning portion of urine. It is in her when there is pregnancy, there will be a special hCG hormone, which is given the reaction of the substance that is used to impregnate the dough. If the hCG is present in sufficient quantity - you are pregnant.

Ordinary tests show a reliable result if the hormone content in urine is 25 mM / mol and higher. But you can find especially sensitive new items, including "jet" tests, which react to the content of hormones in 20 and even 10 mM / mole. This information is indicated on the packaging. Anyway, to do a pregnancy test is better near the beginning of menstruation, even if you bought the most sensitive product. That's when you can get a more or less accurate result, although the second strip is likely to be weakly expressed.

What factors affect the outcome

So, is it possible to do a pregnancy test before the delay in menstruation? After all, you are so impatient to know the answer. It is worth bearing in mind that a sample made "before" often does not give the right answer. That's why it happens: usually after conception, implantation of the egg into the wall of the uterus occurs in a week - 10 days after ovulation. But there is a possibility that this happened earlier - for example, on the 3rd day, or later - on the 11th or 12th. In the first case, with early implantation, the level of HGH hormone will be sufficient to detect pregnancy before the delay. But in the later version, you will be able to find out your "position" only when the monthly ones do not arrive on time. Given that it is impossible to determine the day of implantation of an egg by yourself, a pregnancy test conducted before the delay will be like playing roulette. And its result can not be called reliable. That's why doctors and manufacturers recommend that you wait for the first day of the delay and then, with an accuracy of 95-99%, determine whether you are pregnant or not.