I can not get pregnant after a stiff pregnancy.

Pregnancy after a stiff pregnancy

How to become pregnant after a stiff pregnancyI can not get pregnant after a stiff pregnancy - why, and what to do in this situation? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to disassemble the most common causes, which adversely affect the development of the fetus, lead to its death. Then it becomes clear why a frozen pregnancy can be repeated from time to time or why conception does not happen at all.

The main cause of a stiff pregnancy is chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus, when they are incompatible with life. This situation can occur not only in women older than 35-40 years, when the risk of genetic deviations in a child is increased due to the age of the mother, but also in very young girls. Due to the chromosomal pathology, pregnancy is usually interrupted in the first 6-8 weeks after conception. If this happened once, then it is not necessary to undergo a full medical examination. If the situation recurs 2.3 times - then it is necessary to see a doctor. If the pregnancy has stopped for you for this reason, then for the next one there are no obstacles (if the partner is the same and with health without changes in the negative side). And the question of when you can get pregnant after a stiff pregnancy can be safely answered that almost immediately. But only it is desirable even during planning, before conception to start to drink folic acid. This micronutrient helps reduce the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus. Meanwhile, in foods, folic acid is contained in minimal amounts, insufficient for a future mother.

The pregnancy can stop developing and due to various infectious diseases. It can be both sexually transmitted infections (especially if the infection occurs directly in the first trimester), and ARI, ARVI and others. That is why the future mother in the first weeks of bearing a baby should avoid large concentrations of people, do not go without much need to the clinic, children's institutions, etc. And as for sexual infections, they must be checked before pregnancy and treated as soon as possible. By the way, a certain dysbacteriosis of the vagina, or what it is called - bacterial vaginosis, is also a particular danger. If you have a frozen pregnancy due to an infection, and it has not been treated, it is possible that it will be very difficult to get pregnant the next time, but what's even worse is that the situation can recur and the embryo will die ...

Hormonal disorders. Diseases such as hyperprolactinaemia, obesity, endometriosis can be markers of possible problems with conception and bearing. The lack of progesterone is another common cause of stiff pregnancies and miscarriages. The doctor is a gynecologist and endocrinologist. Pregnant before treatment is undesirable, and it is unlikely to work ... With true hyperprolactinemia, ovulation may be completely absent.

Autochemical factor. Some women can develop antibodies to their own child. If the cause of your frozen pregnancy is an anti-phospholipid syndrome, it means - you can not do without treatment. Pregnancy can come, but only it will end as badly. In the antiphospholipid syndrome in the vessels of the placenta, thrombi form, resulting in the child ceases to receive nutrients and oxygen, he dies.

If you are in that category of women who have more than once for unknown reasons embryos stop developing, how to get pregnant after a dead pregnancy, think early. It is necessary to undergo a complete examination. It is necessary to pass tests for all sexually transmitted infections, donate blood for antibodies to chorionic gonadotropin and phospholipids to exclude immunological factors, give a coagulogram (blood clotting test), do ultrasound of the uterus, consult a geneticist (identify karyotypes of spouses), as there is Some genetic abnormalities that can lead to pregnancy fading. And this is the minimum set of tests and surveys. Also, you will have to pass all the general tests of blood, urine, make a fluorography if necessary.

With timely access to a doctor and treatment, you will certainly find a way out of the situation and for sure you can get pregnant and take out the baby yourself.