How to know that soon childbirth

Signs of approaching delivery

How do I know if delivery will start soon?You can find out soon whether labor will begin in several ways. The simplest is to remember your pregnancy. If this, for example, is already 38 weeks, then it's not long to wait - not more than four weeks. The method is more reliable - examination of the cervix by a doctor. He will pay attention to its density and length. But just look at the armchair doctors without any special testimony will not. If the gestation period is less than 39-40 weeks and there are no complaints of pain, then definitely will not. That is why women are looking for other ways how to find out that soon childbirth, and usually try to diagnose in itself the precursors of childbirth.

1. Departure of the mucous plug. Slime is formed in the lumen of the cervical canal in order to protect the uterus from infectious pathogens into it. But if the neck begins to flatten and open slightly, this mucus departs. Noticing these signs of approaching births, one can calmly wait for labor if the term is already over 37 weeks and natural births are planned. If the term is small, for example, 32-34 weeks, it is necessary to urgently go to the doctor. Most likely, you will be put on the preservation so that the birth does not begin prematurely. There are cases when the mucous plug starts to go away a few weeks before the birth. But with full term pregnancy, this happens literally a few hours before the onset of labor, and sometimes after their onset. Some women at all do not notice at itself any mucous stopper. It happens, if it departs together with the amniotic fluid during an amniotic fluid bladder, which is performed by a doctor to stimulate labor.

2. Absorption of the abdomen. By this sign it can be understood that the birth is close - they can begin in the next few hours, if the gestation period is complete, or in a few weeks. If the stomach is lowered in a woman with premature pregnancy, the doctor recommends that she wear a bandage even at home when she is in an upright position.

How to understand that the child has lowered below? In fact, this can be seen with the naked eye. Many future mothers take pictures of their tummy on different weeks of pregnancy for themselves. You can see a low-lying abdomen by simply comparing photos. In this case, the shape of the abdomen may vary slightly during pregnancy, in many ways it depends on the position of the fetus in the uterus, which often changes up to 36 weeks.

When the stomach falls, it is very noticeable, if you put your palm under your chest, it will lie flat. And the navel will be noticeably omitted.

In addition, the doctor notes that the baby's head is low at the entrance to the pelvis and almost immobile. This is determined by a manual examination, which is performed on the couch every time a woman visits a gynecologist.

3. Training fights. Many inexperienced future moms think this is the best way, how to understand that soon give birth, if the birth is first. Although in fact, these sensations can accompany a woman throughout the second half of pregnancy. And if the cervix is ​​not shortened and not disclosed - it is considered a variant of the norm. With each week of pregnancy, such "training" is becoming more frequent. But still it is not considered a sign that the woman will give birth before the term.

Nausea and diarrhea. The organism is "cleansed" several days, and sometimes several hours before the onset of labor. At the same time the body temperature remains normal, there is no feeling that you are poisoned or you have an intestinal infection.

5. Weight reduction. A good technique how to find out that soon the birth is the data of the forerunners of labor, which are not refuted even by the doctors. A woman for a couple of days before delivery can lose weight by 1-2 kilograms. Of course, it will not leave the fatty layer, only water. Puffiness can also decrease.

And how to know when the birth will begin, if there are no precursors of childbirth any of the listed? You can pay attention to your psychological state. Usually in women, shortly before birth, the so-called instinct of nesting appears. Forces are added, there is a desire to clean up, make repairs, buy children's things. The woman fenced off from the outside world and literally obsessed with the future child.

If you do not notice this, you can find out the date of birth only from your exchange card (a pregnant woman's dispensary card). The doctor determines it depending on the first day of your last menstrual cycle, the date of the first fetal movement, as well as the size of the uterus and the results of the ultrasound examination if they were performed in the first trimester of pregnancy.