How to effectively lose weight during pregnancy

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Many young women preparing for the birth of their baby, seriously worry about extra pounds, because in this period their figure will necessarily change, and they will not be as attractive as in girlhood. Often women ask the question: "How to lose weight during pregnancy and not harm your baby?"

Pregnancy and weight changes

Undoubtedly, the weight of a woman in a position should vary according to the terms of pregnancy, while not necessarily recovering and fouling fat. Some young mothers lose weight until about the 19-20th week, but the remaining days of pregnancy the child grows intensively, and the arrow of the scales goes up. It is considered normal to increase weight by 10, well, a maximum of 12 kg for the entire period of pregnancy. Although these figures are very individual. In order to control your body weight during pregnancy, you should reconsider your diet: the body must receive all the necessary micro- and macro elements, vitamins, but it is desirable to limit yourself to excessive consumption of certain foods.

The correct diet of a pregnant woman

In pregnancy, many women have an irresistible desire to eat some product right now and a lot. Someone pulls on the sweet, someone leans on buns and chocolate bars, and some have a craving for chalk or other exotic products. There are such changes in taste due to hormonal adjustment or a lack of certain substances in the body of a woman. At us it is accepted to indulge the future mummies in everything, and the result of absorption of some products without measure can damage not only a figure, but also health of the future kid. The correct diet and variety of foods will avoid problems such as overweight or the appearance of swelling from excessive salt intake.

The basic rules of feeding a pregnant woman:

  • Choose the time that is most convenient for you to eat and stick to it daily;
  • Eat small meals;
  • It is advisable to break your diet into 4-5 meals a day;
  • Observe the drinking regime. Clean, non-carbonated water - 2 liters per day in the first and second trimester, then on the recommendation of a doctor;
  • Give preference to natural products, fruits, juices and vegetables, avoiding semi-finished products and store products from meat: sausages, sausages, ham, canned food and so on.
  • Avoid foods that can lead to allergies. Honey, citrus fruits, seafood, chocolate and strawberries in large quantities are not useful for a pregnant woman, especially when there are relatives who suffer from any manifestations of allergies.
  • Eat only fresh foods and try not to eat in public places.
  • Exclude strong coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and alcohol;
  • No fast food, chips, crackers and French fries.

What to eat to lose weight during pregnancy?

A growing organism will necessarily take everything that it needs from the mother, but the lack of useful substances in the body of a pregnant woman will not affect her health.

Bakery and any flour products it is desirable to remove all from your diet. If you do not feel very sweet without a sweet - eat a small dessert until 12 noon. It is better, if sweet substitute for dried fruit or fruit yoghurt.

Avoid fried, fatty and smoked. All this harms the baby and can lead to problems with the digestive tract. Cook on steamed or bake in the grill. Give preference to plant foods that have undergone minimal heat treatment. Regularly eat fish, poultry and meat of low-fat varieties, as these are the main suppliers of protein in the body. From dairy products choose kefir, low-fat yogurt without additives and cottage cheese. Cheese - a fairly high-calorie product: a day is enough for a couple of slices.

Fats are also needed for a future mother, the main thing is to consume useful fats, which are involved in the process of hematopoiesis. These are vegetable fats (olive, sunflower, linseed, corn), oily sea fish (salmon, mackerel, herring, perch, etc.)

Fruits and greens should constantly appear in the diet of a woman waiting for a child. Experiment, show imagination, because if you are hungry between meals, fruit salads, fresh and vitamin juices will help you. Then neither you nor your baby will not lack vitamins and fiber. Also do not forget the bread from the wholemeal, in which bran, malt, and seeds are added - it must also be included in the diet. Porridge from different cereals, muesli and macaroni of durum wheat will provide the necessary carbohydrates.

Lifestyle & Gymnastics

To stay in shape after childbirth and even lose weight during pregnancy, you need to pay a lot of attention to exercise, gymnastics and walks. Now there is an opportunity to go in for sports in special groups for pregnant women with experienced instructors. There, exercise complexes and workloads are matched for the duration of pregnancy. It can be elements of yoga, swimming, gymnastics for pregnant women, fitball, etc. You can do gymnastics and at home, especially if you were actively engaged in sports before your pregnancy. The main rule when doing sports is do no harm. Strong stretching exercises, breathing techniques will prepare a woman for childbirth and support her physical form.