Folacin in pregnancy

About admission of folacin in pregnancy

Folacin in Pregnancy PlanningFolacin in pregnancy is prescribed for almost all women. After all, the composition of this drug includes a microelement, which is practically impossible to obtain in sufficient quantities from food. And the name of this vitamin is folic acid (B9). It is contained in small amounts mainly in plant foods. A lot of it in parsley. But do you admit, daily and in what quantities do you eat parsley? To folic acid during pregnancy entered the body in sufficient quantities, you need to eat at least a bunch of greenery (100 grams) a day! But even under such conditions, doctors prescribe folacin in the planning of pregnancy with the condition of continuing reception at least during the first trimester.

What is so indispensable for folic acid, that its reception is recommended for almost all without exception future mothers, and even with a separate drug (not in the complex)? And the whole point is that the lack of this trace element can have the most severe consequences for the child, namely, to provoke severe malformations. And since the main organs are formed exactly in the first weeks after conception, it is so important to take the drug in the first 12 weeks. And folic acid in the planning of pregnancy is important for the prevention of its deficiency at that time, while the emergence of a new life is still unknown. By the way, it is desirable to take the drug not only for a woman, but also for her partner.

About how to take folacin during pregnancy is best to find out from your doctor. The instructions to the drug indicate that future mothers need to take half the tablets daily. But the other (higher) in the preparation of folacin in pregnancy dosage can be if:

  • a woman older than 35-40 years of age (the probability of chromosomal abnormalities is increased by age);
  • previously taken preparations with teratogenic effects or are antagonists of folic acid (methotrexate, phenobarbital, primidone, etc.);
  • the woman already has in the anamnesis cases of a birth of children with defects of development, at various genetic mutations at the future mother, etc.

Folacin in pregnancy reviews usually gets positive from expectant mothers, since it has quite a few side effects, and they rarely show up. Side effects include nausea, bitterness in the mouth, bloating and other unpleasant phenomena associated with the digestive system (can easily be confused with the manifestations of early toxicosis). However, there are also contraindications to taking folacin, so you should start taking the medicine after consulting with the doctor, in the extreme case, carefully reading the instructions. Contraindications include pernicious anemia, lack of colamin, oncological diseases and individual intolerance of the drug.