Fish and seafood in pregnancy

Fish and seafood during pregnancyA variety of minerals in its composition has marine fish and trace elements - zinc, copper, fluorine, iodine.

In fish there are less extractives than in meat. And they excite the secretion of the digestive glands. Also, when cooking, the extractives pass into fish broths and broth. And they are dangerous for women with diseases of the duodenum and stomach with high acidity, as well as the pancreas and liver. At the same time, without restrictions, you can eat boiled fish. Women who have very low acidity of gastric juice, it will be useful to use fish broth. Extractive substances that are present in fish, improve digestion of food, increase appetite.

It is very useful in combination with greens and vegetables to prepare fish dishes. Very many like baked fish in foil. Fried fish is not recommended to eat. After all, it is poorly digested and in it extractive substances are not destroyed, so the load on the liver and kidneys is increased, carcinogens accumulate.

At pregnancy it is very useful to use such seafood, as sea kale, squids, trepangs, crabs, shrimps, a sea scallop and mussels. They are called the source of high-grade proteins at low fat content. And they have much more trace elements than animal meat. Here, squid mussels have two times more than a chicken's egg, they digest and caloric content exceed lamb, beef, and pork. Very useful for anemia is the meat of squid, shrimp and crab.

Pregnant women who complain about obesity are good at consuming sea kale. You should not eat it for those who suffer from kidney and liver diseases, intestinal diseases, gastritis, peptic ulcer.

Ready to use canned sea kale, and dried, you need to cleanse the mechanical impurities, then in cold water soak for twelve hours. Then it is necessary to wash out well. In cold water thaw frozen cabbage, then washed.