False bouts

Features of false bouts

How to distinguish false bouts from realAlmost all women know what false fights are. Most are familiar with this phenomenon. When the uterus begins to strain a little, and involuntarily come the thought that the birth begins. But this is not so. Thus, the uterus is simply being prepared in this complex and responsible process.

False bouts are normal, training brackets or Braxton-Hicks contractions usually appear in the third trimester, but sometimes even earlier. But at any time, such a reduction of the uterus does not lead to the opening of the cervix. It is unreasonable to talk about the risk of premature birth due to the presence of this absolutely natural phenomenon.

False cramping sensations cause quite typical. The stomach is hard. Often this happens when a woman is in motion. Some women describe this phenomenon as if the stomach is about to come off, if it appears in the area of ​​the bottom of the uterus. Some people think that the bandage helps to remove discomfort. But when the false pain contractions it does not always help to remove. Although the bandage, if properly worn, will go in anyway to the benefit. It will ease the burden on the muscles of the back, the spine.

At the same time, if there are no false contractions during pregnancy, this is also a variant of the norm. Most likely, they are just weak, and the woman does not pay much attention to them. But this does not at all mean that the same weak will be contractions already in childbirth, and even more so that she can not be born on her own.

It remains to understand how to distinguish false bouts from the real ones, so as not to go without a special reason to the doctor and not to call an ambulance. If the cervix is ​​opened, that is, the baby will soon be born, spasms appear regularly. All can begin with time in 20 minutes. Then it goes on increasing. Every 15 minutes. Then every 10 minutes. And at the moment "every 7-8 minutes" you need to go to the hospital. Of course, this is if it concerns a full term pregnancy, and a relatively healthy future mother and child who are not contraindicated in natural childbirth.

If painful false bouts have appeared (or present, yet to be disassembled), with the expected date of birth for a few more weeks - you need to see a doctor immediately. This may be a sign of the threat of premature birth, treatment with medications is necessary. Perhaps if the cervix is ​​short, injections of medications will be made in the maternity hospital to help the child's lungs ripen faster.

False contractions before childbirth are always painless, they can easily be completely removed by "No-shpoy", "Papaverin". And sometimes you can do without medication, drinking a soothing on the herbs. Or just try to fall asleep. It's impossible to sleep properly. Well, if they fell asleep, and after awakening everything is all right, nothing hurts, does not pull - it's just the preparation of the uterus. Time interval, how many false struggles for women are different, but always quite short. And there are contractions of the uterus irregularly. For example, from the first "fight" to the second, 20 minutes pass, the third occurs after another 30 minutes, and the fourth one after another 40. All this is not a cause for excitement. You need to try to get distracted, do not listen too much to your body and do not wind it up.

And if you feel a false fight at 40 weeks when the birth begins, how much longer to wait? It's not long. Maybe a few hours, maybe a few days. More precisely, the doctor can tell after a manual study of the cervix's preparedness for childbirth.