Espumizane during pregnancy

Espumizane during pregnancyLet's note at once, that very many women during pregnancy can suffer from the strongest and most unpleasant flatulence. Undoubtedly, all this brings cardinal inconveniences and discomfort, which means that it is absolutely necessary to fight with such bloating. However, every woman does not want to immediately take any medications, even if the producers convince that their medications are the most harmless. Although on the other hand, many folk remedies can not always be useful in the current pregnancy period. Yes, in fact, it is not always convenient if, for example, a woman is at work or somewhere else, where she is not alone.

Doctors often appoint pregnant women Espumizan (or its synonyms are Simethicon, Gascon, and Drop, and Disflatil, and, of course, the Simplex Sab, or Simikol). It should be noted that all these drugs are widely used in the treatment of infant colic allowing to give his baby from the very first days of his life. But is Espumizan as harmless as the modern doctors say? Let's delve into and understand.

We note at once that the manufacturer's instructions to this medication clearly state that there were no clinical data or studies on the use of Espumizane directly during pregnancy. However, thanks to the mechanism of action of the main active substance in the preparation simethicone and the lowest possible absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, some negative effects after the use of this drug during the current pregnancy or breastfeeding doctors are still not expected. But does it mean that this medication is completely safe? By no means. Its only composition is: simethicone, white gelatin, glycerol, as well as methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate, and of course the dye E104 is the same quinoline yellow, as well as the dye S or yellow-orange. Probably, many doctors will try to convince you that absolutely all these substances are completely harmless, but whether you will believe it is a question. And in any case, any pregnant woman presence, in the preparation, for example, the same dyes, of course, will be of little help. And, in addition, in the same manufacturer's instructions, it is warned that the same dye orange-yellow or S (E110) in some cases may well cause the strongest allergic reactions. And where are the guarantees that you are not that rare case? And, for example, methylparaben or (E218) in some situations may very well be the real cause of reactions of sharply increased sensitivity, including, in a delayed type, in some cases, it is also possible that some skin rashes or sharp itching occur. Do you need it? I do not think so.

So, in view of all the above, perhaps you still decide to either suffer, or try to find some more natural means or methods that save from bloating? For example, the same tea from the seeds of fennel or dill, which you will later certainly give to your crumbs, or tea with cardamom. Although, because the wolf is afraid - it means that the forest does not go. Then, it is likely, you should not particularly fidget about and without it. Of course, it's up to you to make the final decision, and in any case, we encourage you to think several times before deciding to do something.